October 23, 2020

1987-04-24 – Press and Sun Bulletin

1987 04 24 Press_and_Sun_Bulletin_Fri__Apr_24__1987_

Record review: The Who —

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MCA was the Who’s record company until it unce-
remoniously dumped them in 1980. It still retains
the rights to all pre-1908 Who material, though, and
in the past few ars has released the lamentable
Who’s Greatest its and Who’s Missing, a decent
compilation of rare material. However, the inevi-
table sequel, Two’s Missing, despite funny liner
notes from bassist John Entwistle,1s a mess.

A live version of My Wife is welcome if poorly
mixed; a fumbling jam entitled Goin’ Down from
the same show isn’t really a song and should never
have been included. _

The worthwhile stuff here are the Dogs tracks.
Part 1 is straight out of Andy Capp, with Roger Dal-
trey singing in a Cockney accent about dog racing.
It’s got great lines like “There was nothing in my
life bigger than beer.”

Moon’s Dogs Part 2 features devastating guitar

3mm Pete Townshend and manic barking by his

The previously unreleased Motoring is hilarious
- Balm chirping what sounds like a government
ad for e drivin . While tracks like this, Dogs 1 &
2, My Wife, and asp Man are wonderful for dis
playing that rock’s best band was also its weirdest,

the album itself is not amusing, and is an insult to
the Who.

By my calculations, all the Who non-LP singles, B-
sides, alternate takes, different versions, rarities,
demos, unreleased songs, and live cuts add up to
about five LPs worth of material. So why doesn’t
someone just do u a nice boxed set, complete with
photos, lyrics, an protrr notes, credits, and song

order, and be done wi it? The Who gave more to

their audience than any other band; they deserve to
have something worthy given back to them.’