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1987-04-24 – Press and Sun Bulletin

1987 04 24 Press_and_Sun_Bulletin_Fri__Apr_24__1987_ 2

“ wo’s Missing’ has little that’s

Rock Reviewer

Before you bu a Who album these days,
you have to chec which label it’s on to see if
you’re getting a good deal or not.

If it’s Polydor, then it’s an English import,
and probably is either a release of new
material (we can only hope), a reissue, or an
excellent compilation, all of which will be su-
perb pressings housed in high-quality jackets.

If it’s Warner Bros., then it’s the American
equivalent, with everything identical except
that the quality of the ressmg and jacket Will
be inferior to its Englis counterpart.

If the label is Reaction, then what you’ve
stumbled onto is a bootleg of first-rate quality.
It will ”undoubtably contain rare, exciting Who
material pilfered from some for otten tape
vault, all of it lovingly compile in proper
chronological, sequential, and/Ot: emotional
order, complete with exhaustive credits and

liner notes, lovely jackets, and authentic la-
bels. Sample: Maximum R & B.


I Two’s Mlssing by The Who (MCA


The only problems with the Reaction re-
leases are lack of availability and some low
fidelity from worn master tapes and inferior
vinyl and pressing machines. That and the
fact that the record dealer who sells them to
you may be carted away by the FBI at any
minute. But with some patient searching and
an equalizer hooked up to your tape deck, you
can come up with some great-sounding cas-

Now, if the label is MCA .you know it’s a

last-ditch attempt by a moronic, eedy record
company to ueeze some . out of the
Who’s name ore it fades, Without spending

any time, effort, or money on putting together


a good LP. Witness Two’s Missing, the latest
attempt to bilk the public with “rare” Who
material. '

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