October 22, 2020

1987-04-24 – The Missoulian

1987 04 24 The_Missoulian_Fri__Apr_24__1987_

Townshond’s dlssplmod live sound

I How to explain Pete Townshcnd's decision to release “0009

End Uvo,” a disspirited-sounding collection of tracks played live
by a band that is adequate at best? Pete doesn’t need the money.

Rather, we should probably blame ’I‘ownshend’s incessant desire
to document every stage of his career ~— after all, we’re talking

about a guy who has released his demos (in “Scoop” and its se-
quel, ”Another Scoop.”) But the performances on “Deep End

Live” generally don’t deserve to be documented. For example,
the version of “Behind Blue Eyes” you’ll find here is no threat
to the original. “After the Fire” wasn’t a good song when he
wrote it for Roger Daltry; it’s not very good here, either. There is
an interesting version “Save It for later,” and the band comes
alive on a traditional cover of “Eyesight to the Blind." But that’s
not enough to justify the sticker price. Stick with “White City,”
Townshend’s last studio effort. ~-— MclnaI/y