October 31, 2020

1988-02-25 – The Evening Sun

1988 02 25 The_Evening_Sun_Thu__Feb_25__1988_

tom 0: the Ucean." 'l‘he straightforward song
structures are lent depth by Hott’s simple,
interpretive stickwork. On the apocalyptic-
yet-poppy “Dark and Light in New Mexico,”
Hott’s snare-heavy staps and starts punctu-
ate sharply, much like the sounds of the
H-bomb tests that Harvey laments. Harvey’s
musical and lyrical allusions to John Lennon
in “40 Years” are evocative and clever.
Catch them at the 8x10 next Wednesday.
GRAPEVINE: Word is spreading of a
possible tour by The Who this summer. The
rumored reunion would commemorate the
25th year of the band’s formation, but Who
head Pete Townshend reportedly isn’t too

keen on the idea . . . While The Who kicks
around the idea of re-forming, The Cars
have tossed themselves on top of the scrap
heap. Apparently dismayed at playing to
half-empty balls on their last tour (which
featured an excellent show at the Capital
Centre in October), the boys have decided to
pursue their solo careers. Good luck.

Elvis Costello and U2 are contributing
music to the film “The Courier,” which
should be released stateside in the spring . . .
El DeBarge reportedly is bankrupt . . . The
Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks” al-
bum has finally gone gold (selling 500,000