October 20, 2020

1989-01-20 – Star Tribune

1989 01 20 Star_Tribune_Fri__Jan_20__1989_

Pete Townshend praises, needles I
the Rolling Stones at rock ceremony

Flock' n' roll stars sometimes have
a strange sense of history. espe-
cially their own.

That was evident at the fourth an-
nual induction dinner to the Rock
"n Roll Hall of Fame Wednesda
night in New York C
invariably turn into moozathons
characterizedby by.back-pattlng
l glad-handlnfi and sometimes indul-
ent a ing .The idea of the
all of Fame. sald its board chair-
man. Ahmet Ertegun oi Atlantic
Records, is not for "publicity but for

poster to lve on people a
sensegnmuslc hist‘orynp


one ot the best and brightest peo-

pleintherockworld. toputthlhgs

l: perspective during Wednesday' s

He had been asked to introduce the
Rollin Stones. who were being in-
d into the Hall oi Fame along
with Stevie Wonder.- the Tempta-
tions. Otis Heddlng. Dlon. producer
Phil Spector end so-oalledp'roolt “rook
forefathers" Bessie Smith. the Soul
Stirrere and the ink Spots. Town-
shend; who is aa articulate in con-
versation as in song. was eltemate-
ly glib and serious at the podium.

He started ea that. during
the care

edly learned much about rock. es-
pecially about he you and blues
forebears. but his ta was to “In-
iect" the Stones (a pun about their
onoe-notorious drug abuse).

Alter declaring himself an “abso-
lute Stones fan." Townahend lit-
tered his talk with lelt—handed oom-
lmenta. He chided 50ls'h bassist
illw ymantorromanolngateen-
ager and slgél‘Lngfioontract to 0%?-
pare books prabably -
gm last two Stone's gbums. He
encouragement unrequit-
ed Stones fans who haven't seen
, tourmlghtbalntheworltabecauae
of Mick Jagger' a expensive tastes.

.Suoh a aire


Jon Bream

greatest for me. Even though they
are all now friends. I' m still a tan.
Gu s. whateveryoudo. don'ttry
a row up gracefully — it

wou dn' t suit you.'

In an interview belOre the ceremo-
n . when Townshend was more

c aritable and direct in his praise of
the Stones. he confronted one oi
the central issues. Asked if he
thought the Stones should contin-
ue. he said Jagger and Keith Rich-
ards. like the members 01 the Who.

4 werep probablyI debating whether

loo something worth-
whi e together.

DionDiMuool alsobr some

Rerspectlv pectlvetotheeven .During
ls acceptance

speech he said he
was paid $150 for writl “The

Wanderer," earned $12, on tour
and another $75 in

ln' "saldthe malarial»
Y ertotlle$1;000-a-plateas-

aelnbly ot muslo—buslneas types.

_ Witherspoontarewell

Onoaagalh. thedetailaotveteren


perlormanoes at Ruby' s.

Then Wltherspoon will head to Bal-
timore. hepi to lino greener pas-
tures on the ast Coast. .~

Elvis lives on

Although Elvis Presle has been
dead for 11 years, on tour music
stars made more money than his
estate did last year. according to a
report in the Memphis Commercial
Appeal. Forbes magazine estimat-
ed that his estate earned $15 mil-
lion from record sales. licensing
tees and tourism at Graceland, his
Memphis mansion.

Elvls' 1988 income equalled that ol
Bon Jovi. the Iar rock band.
and surpassed se of all other
music stare except Michael Jack- -,
son. George Michael. Madonna and
Prince. According to Forbes. Jack-
son earned $80 million in 1888. Mi- .

chael $38 million. Madonna $26 mil-
lion and Prince $18 million. ;

Guickspins ' .

In a change of s ty,les the Blues ,
Saloon goes Wheavgm metal Tuesday
mm c m b w m

a ze ar soou
Thursday with cummnd
Wayne Maaaey.

Boy selub — the Twin Cities duo oi
Joe Pasquale and Gene Hunt —
went To 10 with “I Remember
Holding on. " It was No. 8 on Bill-
board’s spop list last week. and M
tell tour spots this week. Mean-
while. the duo has taken to
makihg weekend '
pearanoes at shopping ”.11
around the country a la 2
who launched her career with a i
similar “mall tour. " ‘ .On Maden- i

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