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1989-01-27 – Poughkeepsie Journal

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?MD—Poughkeepele Journal


~i-‘ete Townshend toasts (and roasts) the Rolling Stones

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: human

' I here's always one special
. speech at the Rock and Roll
‘ Hall oi Fame Induction


Last year and the year before it
dame irom Bruce Springsteen.
Meeting Bob Dylan and then Roy

CL At lest week's ceremony at the
VI. -Astoria Ballroom in New
’Y it was Pete Townshend's turn.
as the Who' a guitarist and songwriter
;did the honors tor the Rolling Stones
:lnducted with the Temptations.
:Stevle Wonder Otis Reddan and
:Dion DiMucci

- And while Mick Jagger Keith
'Richards and Ron Wood did show up,
-bassist Bill Wyman and drummer
:Charlie Watts didn' t.

Wyman doesn't like to fly, but
‘WItl_s' absence was strange and
inhuplained until he showed up in
New York the next day. Turns out
.Watta thought the dimer was on
Thursday. not Wednesday!

Part homage. part roast,
Townshend's remarks drew laughter
and cheers in equal measures. Here

,is the essence of his speech:

. “Keith Richards once told me that
21 think too much. The truth is
deneraliy I talk too much and don't
Ithink first. Faced with 'lnjecting' the
iRoiling Stones this evening. I realize
I'that thinking isn‘t going to help me

_ very much.

. "I can‘t analyze what I feel about

» the Stones because I‘m really an

. absolute Stones Ian. The Rolling

' Stones were just shocking. absolutely

~riveting. stunning. moving — Imean.
they changed my life completely.

2 "The Beatles were more iun.

‘ there's certainly no doubt about that
' but the Stones were really what
Imade me wake up.

, The Beatles‘ shows had lots of

' screaming girls. but the Stones were

, the first to have screaming boys. The

:sheer force of the Stones on stage
meant a perfectly balanced audience

”The Beatles were more fun. there' 3 certainly no doubt about that“

the Stones were really what made me wake up.
The Beatles ehoWs had lots of screaming girls. but the Stones were the
first to have screaming boys.
The sheer force of the Stones on stage meant a perfectly balanced
audience — a thousand girls and me. They're the only group I've ever
really been unashamed of idolizlng."

— Pete Townshend, introducing the Rolling Stones
at the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

—- a thousand [iris and me.

They're the only group I've ever
really been unashamed oi ldolizing.

"Each of them in their own way
has given me something as an artist
and as I person — that's I {act —
and I'd be crazy to suggest that any
of the things they gave me were
wholesome. practical and useful.
Even Bill Wyman burped me

I'm jealous of the female company
he keeps (the band's otiiciai
historian. Wyman has long been
notorious {or his attachments to very
young women).

He got such a big advance (tor the
Stones' autobiography). the book‘s
obviously expected to sell more
copies than the last couple oi Stones

“Charlie (Watts) wounded me last
year by having a much more
dramatic drug problem than mine.
and Keith (Richards) had a much
more dramatic cure.

"And Brian Jones hurt me because
I loved him a lot — he was very.
very important to me. He was the
I irst real star who befriended me in
a real way — Ispent a lot of time
with him before I really got to know
Mick and Keith. whom I love very
much now‘ I miss him very. very
much. and I always thought when he
finally did collapse that the Stones
were a very difierent group.

"Mick gave me something too. a
bad case oi VD sorry, sorry,

Mick's CD was in a bad case is what
I meant

Ronnie Wood oi course is now a
Rolling Stone. I can't help but think
0! him as the New Boy. and it's
wonderful to note that due to his
tender age he still has his own teeth.

But I did notice that tonight it's set -

into what looks like someone else’s

"The Stones have made some
great records. and everybody knows
that it isn‘t easy to make great
records. A few people here close to
the Stones will know that sometimes,
it isn‘t easy to make records at all
(the group. which hasn't toured since
1981 hasn't recorded since 1986
because at a rm between Jagger and

“It won t be easy {or the Stones
next time around. and ii it wasn't for
the vast sums of money they could
make. they might not bother at all

At least Mick probably wouldn't.
so it‘s lucky for us fans then that
Mick has such expensive tastes.

“Without you all there wouldn't
have been a London R&B scene at all
in the ’603. What there was of it
wouldn‘t have come to much. And



that‘ s where I grew up and in a
way lt' s where a big ppart of me still

And where Jimmy Reed and John
Lee Hooker cannot be regarded as
rock 'n' roll enough to induct here
just yet, no matter -— their musical
blood runs In the veins of this band
we honor tonight.

"And so to all the Stones and all
the as yet uninducted hlack R&B
artists they ripped oii — that they
were ‘influenced hy' — I offer

It's so great to see all these
different threads come together, and
for me this evening has been an
education. So much of what I am I
got from you Stones, I had no idea it
was already secondhand.

“No more gags — the Stones are
the greatest for me.

"There are wonderful artists that
we've seen tonight — many have
been inducted in the past, many will
be in the future.

There are some giant artists here
tonight. but the Stones will always be
the greatest. They epitomize British
rock for me. and even though they all
now are friends. I'm still a fan.

Guys. whatever you do. don‘t try

and grow old gracefully. It wouldn't

suit you. "

After Townshend‘s remarks.
Jauer. Richards. Wood and former
guitarist Mick Taylor accepted their
plaques without much eat -
"Thanks tor electing us to the
watworks of rock." Janet joked.

Jagger and Richards were quite
qomradely. even jamming together
with the other honorees and
presenters at night's end.

It was Jagger who stole the show.
Appearing sealer and spunhler than
he has in years. he shed jacket and
shirt to strut Ind shimmy during “I
Can't Turn You Loose. " His Ierocious
vocals made "Start Me Up" the
evening's most coherent song. And
nobody could sit during the firestorm
oi "Satisfaction."

A source close to the Stones says


nestsemmsrisactualiyon- -the


. sooLPlsdee ApriLnidthatlihe

the Stones. The Who is struggling
with the question. “Are we capable
of doing anything new oi

A Who reunion is "a his question
mark at the moment," Townshend
said. “We're (loin; lots 0! talking.

"It couldn't be a better time.” he
said. “Everythinl is peflectiy in
place. lt' s om- uth birthday. It would
be easy to do what we always did.
But the main thing is could we be

"And oi course there‘s I big chunk
missing in the {act that (drummer)
Keith Moon is not aroun