October 19, 2020

1989-03-22 – The Los Angeles Times

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Road to Redemption Includes 0.0. Canaan

Eric Burdon Is Battling the Blues

By MIKE BOEHM, Times Staff Writer

pursued the sound and feeling of

blues and R&B authenticity more
single-mindedly than almost any other star
of the mid-‘GOs British rock invasion.

That Burden found what he was looking
for is evident in those old Animals hits,
many of them reworkings of blues and soul
standards that helped lead American fans
of the British rock phenomenon back to
their own country’s fertile musical roots.

A quarter of a century after the Animals
scored a No. 1 hit by breathing a fresh
sense of dread and damnation into the old

A- 3 leader of the Animals. Eric Burdon

folk-blues “House of the Rising Sun.” the
blues are still very much with Burdon.

But instead of fueling hit songs. ,Burdon’s
19805 blues only reflect a deep sense of
frustration bred from a series of balked
attempts at reigniting his career.

“I live from one disaster to another,"
Burden, who will be 48 next month. said by
phone recently from Hollywood, where he
was rehearsing his band for a national tour
that brings him to the Coach House in San
J uan Capistrano tonight.

“The only way I can prove I’m worth
anything is to get on the road and perform
for live audiences. They let me know I'm

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