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1989-04-26 – Green Bay Press Gazette

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Reunited: From left, musicians Roger Daltrey. Peter Town-
shend and John Entwistle, shared the spotlight Monday in
announcing the Who's 25th anniversary tour.

You know Who fires up for tour

By Edna Gundersen
Gannett News Service

The Who. the legendary British
rock band that retired in 1982, will
reunite this summer for a 25th
anniversary tour of the United
States and Canada.

The 25-city stadium tour kicks
off June 24 in Toronto, where the
band performed its farewell
concert almost seven yeai's ago.

The tour will include a July 21
date at Alpine Music Theater in
East Troy.

“The chemistry's still there,"
singer Roger Daltrey said at a press
conference Monday.

The band will perfomt Tommy,
its trailblazing rock opera, June 27
at Radio City Music Hall in New

York and on a later date in hos
Angeles, with proceeds from both
shows benefiting the Nordoff-
Robbins Music Therapy
Foundation for autistic children.
The band hasn't performed
Tomm y in its entirety in 17 years,
but decided to revive the most
glitteringjewel in the Who's
treasure chest of hits.

”It's Tommy that people really
remember the Who for," singer-
guitarist Pete Townshend said.
“We‘ve been running away from it
for so long."

On tour, original Who members
[)altrey, Townshend and John
Entwhistle will bejoined by
drummer Simon Phillips,
keyboardist John “Rabbit"

Bundrick, three backup singers
and horn and percussion sections.
A second as-yet-unidentified
guitarist will be enlisted to share
the load with Townshend, who
suffers from severe hearing damage
after years of performing live.

"He shot my hearing," said
Townshend, whose tinnitus almost
prevented him from agreeing to
tour. "lt hurts and it’s frustrating.
I've disabled myself doing my job.
It's very difficult for me to work."

Concerts are expected to exceed
three hours. There’s no opening
band, and the two 90—minute sets
will be split by an intermission, a
Who first. Tommy material will
form the centerpiece, with other
songs. including solo works,

spanning the hands 25‘)?“ mrt-er
Townshend hopes to include nlx
songs from his solo LP Iron Man
(Atlantic). due in late June. The
LP features 12 selH-tions from a '3‘ '-
song ”fairy star) " musical he's
written that may be staged at the
National Theater in London.

No new Who album is planned
though it remains a possibility.

“We're not a group as such an)
more," 'l'ownshentl noted. “We'n
come together for a 25th birthdzn
party. This tour is a celebration ml
the music We created all those

A seven- l .P retrospect 1w hoxul
set on M(‘A may he released by
year‘s end.