October 28, 2020

1989-04-29 – Philadelphia Daily News

1989 04 29 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Sat__Apr_29__1989_

Saturday. April 29. 1989

WMMR’s Betting on who

Station Guaranteed 3 Sellout for Concert

By Jonathan I'altifi

Dad" y News Staff Wnter'
ow popular is The Who.
seven years after the official

WMMR is betting more than a mil-
lion bucks that the reuniting British
rockers still have what it takes to sell
out Veterans Stadium,July9.'l‘ickets go
on sale at 10 am. today at $22.50 a pop
plus service charge at all 'l‘icketron
locations (call 885-1212 for locations).
via phone charge at (800) 2334060 and
atatrailer parked outside JI-‘KStadium.

“We’re promoting the show and guar-
anteeing The Who a sellout in order to
be sure that Philadelphia would get a
show on their tour,” says WMMR vice
president and general manager MP

chael Craven. "Their 25th reunion cele- '

bration is alsoour letbinhday party, so
a tie-in seemed natural."

If any tickets go unsold. WMMR
has to “eat" them. Not that Philly’s
top-rated music station is worrying
all that much. Craven says the act is
“one of the top five rock bands" in
the minds of WMMR listeners. Group
recordings have always remained a
staple of the station‘s playlist, and
older Pete Townshend solo tracks
(that sound like The Who, but aren‘t
burned out from overplay) are actu-
ally aired more nowadays than when
the records were first released.

As top promoter of the Who show, .

WMMR gets to put its name over that
of co-promoter Electric Factory Con-
certs. The radio station also has con-
trol over distribution of all tickets.
It'll be a snowy day in July when a

competitive station (like WYSP or‘

WEGX) gets its hands on a large bloc
of seats to this show. “And even if they
go out and buy a bunch, I don‘t know
why they’d want to," says Craven.

“Our call letters are on every ticket."

While unwilling to divulge exact
numbers, Craven doesallow that
WMMR will hold back “the best"

tickets ,from the show for giveways
to listeners. He hotly denies as
“grossly exaggerated" a street rumor
that WMMR'S private Who hoard
might be as high as 10,000 tickets.
Not incidentally. several sister sta-
tions to WMMR in the Metroplitan-

Legacy Broadcasting group also are

locked in as promoters of Who dates
in their markets.

The WMMR—Who promotion will
carry on relentlessly from now to the
day of the show. Classic Who concert
tapes and specials on the group's
history will be aired and WMMR is
first in line to broadcast the 20th
anniversary Who performance of
“Tommy" beaming live from Radio
Ci Music Hall on June 27.

.m: must 3
mam mm.
290. 4:45, 7:30, 10:15
$3.00 TILL 2 RM.





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