October 20, 2020

1989-04-30 – Hartford Courant

1989 04 30 Hartford_Courant_Sun__Apr_30__1989_

Reason behind reunion
of the Who que stionable

Courant Rock Critic

he question for the Who
is “Why?”
Why after making -

such a fuss about the
band’s farewell tour seven years
ago — after making clear that
the three surviving members
don’t get along or play
particularly well together any
longer — should the rock stars-
get back together for the full-
blown, all-the-frills stadium tour
announced in- New York earlier
this week?

w. - Only the most
. cynical would

. . _ say that they
' ‘ ‘ got bored with

" *' t and decided it
. , ‘ ' wouldn’tbe a
' ' ‘" “ bad way to
spend the
g s 1;: summer: to go
. f out one? more
‘ " ~ ' time to reap
' ‘ ' more adulation
and a reported 335 million. '

Only the most hard-bitten

pessimist would say their solo
careers were unsuccessful or

unfulfilling enough to make the
three swallow their pride, eat
the crow of their farewell vows
and gird themselves to hear
their “Hape I die before I get
old” line parroted back to them

as they settle into their mid-403.

1 ‘


Sure, it was nice to have some
peace and quiet after calling the
Who quitst

“We were leading a normal
life,” lead singer Roger Daltrey
said, almost marveling at the
possibility. “Not being in the
rock-and-roll lunacy, we were in
the process of really finding out
who we are. It’s easy to lose
sight of one’s self.”

But there must be a hollow
little feeling not having tens of
thousands of people cheering
each night and being handed
hundreds of thousands of dollars
for the trouble.

Although the band has
reformed a couple of times
during the past years, at Live
Aid and at a British music
awards show last year, band
leader and guitarist Pete
Townshend said the idea for a

full-blown tour came onlv
recently, during the latest Rock

and Roll Hall of Fame induction
ceremony in New York in

January. .
Not because he jammed wnth

such stars as Mick Jagger.
whom he introduced in the
proceedings that night. “Some of
those peeple couldn’t play at
all!” Townshend laughed. But
because the band was introduced
to the Soul Stirrers, the seminal

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