December 5, 2020

1989-05-02 – Hartford Courant

1989 05 02 Hartford_Courant_Tue__May_2__1989_

I Now that The Who has announced plans:
to reunite for a summer tour, guitarist:
Pete Townshend explains his longstanding
reservations about playing live. “The rea-i
son I haven’t performed live for a long time;
is that I have severe hearing damagefi
Townshend tells Peeple magazine. “I’vé
actually disabled myself doing my job and
it’s painful and frustrating.” Townshend
says he will use an acoustic guitar during
the upcoming tour. “If I expose myself to;
loud electric guitars, particularly my own;
my hearing suffers. So I’ve decided to play
a bit like John Denver. I believe I can maké
an acoustic guitar sound electric anyway.’,';