October 30, 2020

1990-01-14 – The Los Angeles Times

1990 01 14 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sun__Jan_14__1990_


With Pete Townshend's windmill guitar By the time they made it really big
figures. Roger Daltrey’s mike-tossing Stateside, they’d toned it down con-
routines. John Entwistle’s free bass- siderabty. Townshend had written the "
Ilnes and a drummer (the late Keith rock opera “Tommy" and—with the
Moon) who redefined traditional no- exception of the rock-solld "Who’s
tions of rock timekeeping, the Who in- Next" LP—the weight of the themes
troduced a hyper-kinetlc. smash ’em assayed too often capsized the mate-
up stage act that was rivaled only by rial's once-powerful pop elements.
James Brown's R&B passion plays.

Toss in a bleeding handful of brilliant, The Who soldiered on. made a lot of
alone-in-a-crowd Townshend composi- money. documented everything on
tions(“My Generation," “The Kids Are film. and were last sighted on the
Alright," “I Can See for Miles") and road, ptaying "Tommy" and all ye otde
you'll begin to understand Just how far favorites as If punk—whlch their early

ahead of their contemporaries these records were a major Influence upon—

London mods really were. never happened. [3