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1990-01-18 – Honolulu Star Bulletin

1990 01 18 Honolulu_Star_Bulletin_Thu__Jan_18__1990_


ThursdayJanuun' IR. 1990 D%A-

The Who, Kinks and inventor of twist are hailed as rock herer

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Two British rock
groups that labored
mightily in the shad-
ow of the Beatles
and Rolling Stones
were inducted into
the Rock 'n' Roll
Hall of Fame last
night along with a
near-torgotten sing-
er who invented the
Twist and never got

The Who and the
Kinks were induct-
ed into the yet-to-
built museum at a
glittering awards
ceremony here
along with the Plat-
ters. the Four Sea-
sons the Four Tops Bobby Darin
and such non rocking greats as
blues singer Ma Rainey and jazz
trumpeter Louis Armstrong

Also honored were Simon and
Garfunkel the constantly bicker-
ing folk- rock duo who wrote “Mrs
Robinson” and “Bridge Over Trou-
bled Water” before breaking up
almost 20 years ago.

Art Garfunkel in his acceptance

speech thanked his former part:

ner, Paul Simon, who responded:
“Art and I agree on almost noth-
ing. But I admit it‘s true. i did a lot
to advance his career."

The night belonged to Hank Bal-
lard, who brought rock‘s frank
sexual imagery into mainstream
music with such songs as “Annie‘s
Got a Baby." “Work with Me. An-
nie" and “The Twist." which be-
came a hit only when Chubby
Checker recorded it notet‘or-note,
triggering a world—wide dance

“This is Hank Ballard’s day after
34 years. God and I have been
hanging out. I love Chubby Check-
er but I made the twist first. I feel
so good. I‘m scared.” Ballard said
before the ceremonies began at
the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

But his moment in the sun dis-
solved into heaving sobs as he took
the stage and recalled the four-
year battle by his wife-manager to
get him admitted to the Hall.

“She died last Oct. 14 in a hit-
and-run accident . . . i miss you.”
he said as he broke down and a

Roll Hail ot tome,
(left) and Roger Doltrey (th
musicians. including Bruce pringsteen and John
Fogorty (center), tor a jam session

Following The Who’s induction into the Rock ’n‘

memberst )Pete Townshend
),joined 60 other

confused audience began to ap-
plaud. Finally he regained enough
composure to hold his award up in
a victory salute.

The Who were hailed as rock
heroes and lead singer Roger Dal-
try dryly noted: “it‘s about time, I

The group reunited last year
after the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of
Fame dinner and its leader. Peter
Townshend. said the group might
continue touring. “It is a decision I

; will make in March." he said, add-

ing that a major question was his
hearing, which he said was, so far.
not affected by being back on the

Ray Davies of the Kinks accept-
ed the award but had the audience
gasping when he read a memo

from his record company saying .

the group should be dropped.
“That was 25 years ago.” he ex-

Legendary rock producer Phil
Spector managed to get people
squirming in their seats as he gave
a rambling, 15-minute intro-
duction to the Platters that failed
to mention the group‘s name until
the last line.

Spector, known for his unpre~
dictable behavior, was true to
form - at one point he said he was
inducting Slim Whitman. Zamfir
and Roger Whittaker into the Hall
and at another point accused other
singers of stealing his work.

The Rock ’n‘ Roll Hall of Fame
museum, which will go up in

Cleveland. has yet to be built but
organizers said ground-
breaking will take place this year.

The awards were announced in
October in C1eveland.where the
$48 million riverfront hall is sched-
uled to o n in 1992. The fifth
annual in uction brings to 43 the
number of rock 'n' roll acts in the
Hell of Fame. Abe inducted were

Bobby Darin. who died In 1973. and
the Four Seasons.

Two songwriting teams were
recognized: Gerry Coffin and Ca-
role King; and Brian and Eddie
Holland and Lamont Dozier.

Also recognized were the three
performers considered early influ-
ences on rock: Louis Armstrong,
Charlie Christian and Ma Rainey.

Those eligible for induction had
recordings released by the end of
1964. Some 200 performers. pro
ducers. writers. record executives
and broadcasters selected by the
Rock 'n‘ Roll Hall of Fame Founda
tion made the choices.

Presenters were: U2 tor the
Who; James Taylor for Simon and
Garfunkel; Graham Nash for the

Kinks; Bonnie Raitt for Ma Rineg.
Vernon Reid of Living Colo and
George Benson for guitarist‘ hat“
lie Christian; Rickie Lee Jones text
Louis Armstrong; Ben E. Kin tor
songwriters Gerry Got‘iin an 03- ‘
role King; 801 Skaggs tor Hank
Ballard; Paul Anka for Bobby Dar
in; Phil Spector tor the Platters;
Bob Crewe {or the Four Seasons.