October 25, 2020

1990-04-29 – The Age

1990 04 29 The_Age_Sun__Apr_29__1990_


Who would want to
bang ‘Tommy’ back?
‘Jnh 1W, The Who, m

AST year's American reunion tour

by The Who provided a welcome
financial nest egg tor the band mem-
bers and a chance for Pete Town-
shend to drag out that hoary oidl
chestnut ‘Tommy’ for another bout of ‘
public editicatton. This double CD set
otters us the opportunity to hear the
entire rock opera and a selection at
other favorites performed in concert.

After 20 years, ‘Tommy' sounds
more than a little tired and while The
Who perform admirably, the rock
?pera is deiiniteiy not contemporary


In addition, the array oi stars ap-
pearing as guests on the video version
— Phil Collins, Billy idol. Steve Win-
wood, etc. -- are not in the cast of the
performance we have on disc. In fact,
to fully appreciate the presentation of
‘Tommy’, the video of the tour is tar
better value.

Other selections at band favorites
are given faithful, it rather epic, inter-
pretations which see the augmented
Who in good form. With 16 musicians

and singers on stage at various times,
it would have been dimcuit not to

sound good.
As a souvenir of possibly the final

tour by The Who, ‘Join Together in
appropriate for fans but will hardly
win any new converts.