October 28, 2020

1991-02-19 – The Des Moines Register

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Townshend spurns Daltrey’s plea for a new Who reunion

Roger Daltrey is

trying to interest former
colleague Pete Town-
shend in another Who
reunion — without suc-
cess. “He just won’t do
it," says Daltrey, who
last played with his
bandmates a year and a
half ago. “It‘s quite frus-
trating. The band. the ENTERTAINMENT
chemistry —— it's like ——
finding the perfect woman, marrying her, stay-
ing together for 25 years then she leaves you.
Incredibly painful.

”The Who should just keep playing, keep du
ing our music.” he says. “It’s our music, and
nobody does it better. It doesn't have to be a
message thing, I don't even think it‘s important
that we do anything new; let’s just play. We‘re
musicians; we communicate through music.
and we do it very well and people enjoy it. i feel
that‘s what we were put on this earth for. “

Daltrey is certainly keeping busy on other
fronts. He expects to start work on a British

film. “The last Straw.” with Hayley and Sir _ V __

John Mills in March. He has “Buddy’s Song," a
small feature he produced and in which he co-
stars. soon due for release in England.

This will have to go down as the season NBC
tried to prove how much of the public it could
fool much of the time by larding its lineup with
programs that have been nothing more than
examples of shamefully blatant promotion.

In November. there was the mega-hyped
200th episode of “Cheers" filled with clips and
n watered-down discussion with the cast mod-
e rated byJohn McLaughlin.

? n December, there was a Robert Redford
" slute" — an hour-long commercial for “Ha-
vana" that didn't do the movie or the network
any good. ”Havana" bombed and the special
did dismally in the ratings. Then there was the
debut of NBC‘s awful “Sunday Best."

Recently there was the “LA. Law" l00th
segment “documentary" special in which Jane
Pauley was employed to act as if she were con-
ducting probing interviews with the cast. To
Pauley's credit. she seemed embarrassed by it
all. She seemed downright silly in most of her
reaction shots.

_ _ alt should be noted that the network saves

-- - -._....__-_.._~—. ,‘uw

millions with such productions. The average
hour-long dramatic show costs more than $1
million these days. What it comes down to is
how much credibility is worth. There’s no
doubt NBC is losing some with these ”ain't we
great" clip fests.

With Farrah Fawcett having found a nest —
at least forthe time being - with her CBS's
“Good Sports" series, other former “Charlie’s
Angels" are looking for berths as sitcom leads.

Jaclyn Smith says she’s scouting for a situa-
tion comedy. Cheryl Ladd tells us she‘s talking
to NBC about starring in a weekly TV comedy.
though she stresses, “Our talks are still in the
preliminary stage."

Both actresses have more than enough to

keep busy as is. with active family lives and ac-
tive careers.

Smith. who stars in CBS's March 3 “Lies
Before Kisses" TV movie, is developing “The
Rape of Dr. Willis" as a TV movie in which
she'll star. Ladd, who has just wrapped the
NBC-W movie adaptation of Danielle Steele‘s
“Changes" that airs in April. has several proj-
ects in development with husband Brian Rus-

Eric Roberts goes into action as a swindler
who romances wealthy. good-looking divor-
cees for fun and profit in “Lonely Hearts." a
big-screen thriller set to start production
March 1 l in Los Angeles.

Beverly D’Angelo is set to star as the pro
spective victim who turns Robens' scheme up.
side and leads him down a path of self-destmc.
tion and murder.

Joanna Cassidy and Frances Stemhagen are
aboard the film noir.

Lee Meriwether. who just wra a Ba
Audio Books reading of John Safimew ntam
"Second Child" novel, plans to spend pan of
her next “The New Munsters" hiatus on the
San Francisco stage in “Winter Garden.”

“Garden" is a new playwrimn b 5
Lee's husband, playwright MmhalyBgrgea:d
. .

The latest title for the movie Jim J ~
filming with Winona Ryder is one mama?" is
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