October 19, 2020

1991-02-25 – Democrat and Chronicle

1991 02 25 Democrat_and_Chronicle_Mon__Feb_25__1991_


‘Hollywood Dreem’

Dream is one of the most re-
nowned one-shot albums in rock
history, and Polydor has chosen to
release it as a mid-priced CD that
includes six bonus tracks. Thun-
derclap Newman was a band
formed and produced by The‘
Who’s Pete Townshend, whose in-
fluence permeates the music. After
issuing Hollywood Dream in 1970,
the group split for good.

This disc's appeal goes far be-
yond the hit single Something in
the Air. There are more than a
handful of excellent tracks, includ-
ing a cover of Open the Door,
Homer, a little-known Bob Dylan
tune. This music also has great
appeal because of its uniqueness
—— no one is making this type of
period rock anymore. The band
fleshes out its basic guitar/piano/
drums sound with an array of in-
strument flourishes from oboe, sax
glockinspiel, flute harmonica, and
sleigh bells.

Jim Wilkin is a free-lance writ-
er who lwes in Greece. »