October 27, 2020

1993-04-22 – The Philadelphia Inquirer

1993 04 22 The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Thu__Apr_22__1993_

Thursday, April 22‘ 199:;

See it, feel it, hear it


Who's responsible (from left): Director Des
M1‘A1111Z73 M 11111161 Ccrveris, who plays the 11111?
rule:Pc1u 'l'uzvnshend, ex—leader 0f1hc Who.

By .nn Knlson
1w! 1111-111 l'|‘ 11 mm 1 1-211

EW YORK — From those first thunderous

chords. the Who’s Tommy has an exhilarating

familiarity, Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards,

signature French horn: “You know you‘re in

Tommy-lzmd," says Joseph Church, music di-
rector of the rock opera that opens on Broadway to-

“The music is extremely carefully structured to be a
really amazing journey. to take the listener on a trip,"
Church explains.

Tommy’s amaz-
ing journey to

Broadway began in A f 1111 -blown
1969 when British

meker Pete ’I‘own- prOduCIan 0f

shend‘s band, the

Who, released his ‘Tommy’opens on

tour de force, a

dnubl‘s album Broadway tonight.

about a boy struck

deaf, dumb and

mm W, m Pete Townshend

comes a pinball '

wizard (“sure plays has reworked hlS

a mean pinball")

and messiah ("see TOCk Opera) and

me, feel me. touch -

me‘ heal me“). "020 It has
Performed by the

group at Woodstock slagecrafi wizardry
in 1969 and at New

York‘s Metropult- / not just the
tan Opera Huuse in _ _
1971'). recorded With pznball klndj.
the l/endon Sym-
phony Orchestra in
1972 (with special
guests such as Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart and Richie
Havens)‘ filmed by Ken Russell in an overwrought 1975
version (with star turns by Jack Nicholson, Tina Turner
and Ann-Mai'gret), Tommy was last presented onstage
101' its 20th anniversary by a reunited Who in 1989.
this new blow-out Broadway version has been re
worked by Townshend in collaboration with Des McAn-
ut’t’, artistic directer 01. the La Jolla (Calif) Playhouse.
where it debuted in July and ran for 110 sotdout shows.
19m the year and a half they labored on this Tommy,
'l‘uwnshend, 47, and McAnuff, 40. kept in mind the 1.11111.1.1,iumn”mm
51I..(ws-rfsgzgwli];gm$3111](Sgrt-EEEJ::C¥W:L;OPIC saw The cast of the play, :0/111‘11 had 111‘ (11121111111123 111 (,11/11111‘11111. 111111111121 11111111 11/11 :71111111/11111

See OPERA 011 E4 [)11/1111'111‘13. (,3111'11Q711111' 5111111111111 115 ’l'ummy 11/ age 4, [’1111/ [(1111111/ 111111 311111111 111131111111.