October 21, 2020

1993-04-23 – Philadelphia Daily News

1993 04 23 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Fri__Apr_23__1993_


‘Tommy’ finally hits Broadway

by Jonathan Takiff
Daily News? Staff Writer

Who‘da thunk it — “Tommy" on
Broadway! Won‘t they let this
strange rock ’n' roll saga of a deaf.
dumb and blind pinball wizard
ever rest?

Nosiree. Twenty-five years after
its debut (to mixed reviews) as a
“rock opera“ at typical teen joints
such as the Metropolitan Opera
House and our own Electric Fac-
tory, 18 years after its theatrical
concert debut in the West End of
London and film conversion as a
highly indulgent psychedelic
head trip. several years after its
adaptation to ballet, and re-emer-
gence as a touring vehicle for the
reunited Who and all-star pay TV
concert extravaganza, “Tommy”
has been reborn, yet again.

This time, in a stylish treatment
that opened last night at New
York's St. James Theater, it’s 3

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