October 27, 2020

1994-01-19 – The Baltimore Sun

1994 01 19 The_Baltimore_Sun_Wed__Jan_19__1994_

Pete Townshend
brings ‘Tommy’
to computers


Still basking in the aeelaim for
the hit Broadway adaptation of his
“Tommy" rock opera. veteran rocker
Pete Townshend is taking up yet an-
other sideline career —— this time in

Mr. 'l‘ownshend has beeome a
shareholder and corporate adviser at
a California interactive firm. and his
first project will be to oversee a
CD-ROM version of “Tommy."

A spokeswoman for the 10-
month-old Scotts Valley. Calit‘.—based
firm. Roundbook Publishing, said he
had made available many rare items
that may be included in the paekage.

These include Mr. 'l‘ownshend’s
seribblings on Holiday Inn letterhead
as he was conceiving “'l‘ommy."
demo tapes and outtakes from the
resulting 1969 Who album. unre-
leased live recordings from the
Who's “Live at Leeds" album the fol—
lowing year. and handwritten seores
from the 1975 Ken Russell movie
version of Tommy.

The loquaeious Mr. Townshend.
who is also an editor at the presti-
gious London book publisher Faber
81 Faber. also participated in a three-
day interview session.

Roundbook will have aeeess to
east recordings from the Broadway
musical, which won five. Tony
Awards last year. thrmigh a similar
investment deal with the musieal‘s


Pete Townshend: From revolu-
tionary t0 evolutionary?

m-prtxlueer Kardana l’rtxluetions.

Finaneial terms were not dis-

“The Broadway production proved
that there was an audienee in the
‘90s for the themes of "l‘nmmy‘
Mr. 'l‘ownshend said in a statement.
“'l‘hey called me revolutionary when
I first released it. I guess I'm evolu-
tionary too."

The “Tommy" Cl)-ROM. whieh
will be published initially l‘nr the
Windows and Macintosh computers.
with retail shipments to begin in
September. The suggested retail
price for the standard gne-(lise ver-
sion will be $79.95. while a bigger
collector's edition will be $149.95.