October 27, 2020

1994-02-14 – Detroit Free Press

1994 02 14 Detroit_Free_Press_Mon__Feb_14__1994_


he Who is dead —- until
Pete Townshend decides
differently. That’s how
Roger Daltrey, the
Who’s former singer and
reunion champion, feels these
days. “Pete's a Broadway produc-
er now,” says Daltrey, referring to
Tony winnin g

Wm)? No, just Daltrey and friends

————————-——._.._—._ __ _ ._._..

things going on in our lives.”

For Daltrey, the biggest other
thing is “Daltrey Sings Town-
shend,” a tribute concert that will
be staged F eb. 23-24 at New
York’s Carnegie Hall and broad-
cast on pay-per-view cable on Feb.
26. Townshend and Entwistle are
scheduled to
perform at the

production of show,along with
“The Who’s the Spin Doc-
Tommy." “If I tors, the Chief-
had my way, I'd tains, Lou
be back doing it Reed, Linda
with the Who to- Perry of 4 Non
morrow. ” Blondes and the
Daltrey, who J ulliard Orches-
has little good to tra.
say about the “It’s going to
stage adaptation still be rock ’n’
of “Tommy," roll,” says Dal-
says he keeps trey, who turns
the peace with 50 March 1.
Townshend “It’s not going to
these days by Dal“??- , be schmaltzy. I
keeping the band Vocal about reumon sat down and
at arm’s length. “I don’t even talk said ‘What can I do? What do I like
to Pete about the Who anymore,” best?’ What I like best is the music

he says. “There are two guys in
the band (Daltrey and bassist

John Entwistle) who really want
to do it, and one guy who’s had

enough of it. We’ve all got other

—_~ ——_—— ——._.-,

—_.‘ ___»._._—._ __-_—_______ , -_,_____ _-

of Pete Townshend. And that's
what people want to see me sing

By Gaiy Graff

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