October 23, 2020

1994-02-23 – Hartford Courant

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For Daltrey’s 5 0th,

a who’s—Who salute
to Pete Townshend

Courant Rock Critic

own the street a mile, a newfangled version

of the character he originated is doing big

box—office business, a Broadway smash. Up-

town this week, original “Tommy” Roger
Daltrey is presenting his own extravaganza — for his
50th birthday.

Daltrey first sang “See me, feel me, touch me,
heal me” on the Who’s groundbreaking “Tommy”
album in 1969, introduced it at Woodstock, took it on
tour, portrayed the lead character in Ken Russell’s
eccentric movie version, and brought it back during
“Tommy” revivals that were part of the Who’s last
tour in 1989.

Although it might be ludicrous for a man turning
50 to portray the deaf, dumb and blind pinball wiz-
ard, there is a bit of an edge as Daltrey discusses what
has become of “Tommy.”

“Sub'ectively, I would have done it differently,”
he says 0 Broadway’s “The Who’s ‘Tommy’ ” during
a cumbersome press conference call recently. “I
can’t say I like the production at all.”

His irritation with it apparently isn’t enough for
him to turn his back completely on Pete Townshend,
his creative partner of so many ears.

So when Daltrey celebrates 's 50th birthday, he
will do so in a salute to the music of Townshend, Who
guitarist and songwriter. The shows at Carnegie Hall
in New York today and Thursday with an orchestra
and such guests as the Spin Doctors, Lou Reed and
other surviving members of the Who, will be taped
and broadcast Saturday on a pay-per-view basis
through cable TV companies. The event also is being
recorded for a possible album.

At first hesitant to criticize Townshend for re-
writing and adapting the rock opera for Broadway
(“It’s a huge commercial success and I wish him
good luck”), Daltrey says: “I would have adapted
Broadway for ‘Tommy,’ not ‘Tommy’ for Broadway.”

Daltrey said the original double-record set was

Please see Daltrey, Page D3

vocalist for
the Who, will
celebrate his
blrthday with

Carnegie Hall
In New York.

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