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1994-04-10 – The Age

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10 APRIL 199435



Live Career: Son of
domineering minister. he was a
honey-voiced Motown crooner
and multivinstrumentalist who
duetted with Diana Ross et al.
then toughened up his act and
sang about the ghetto. Vietnam
and the environment. then
retreated into sensual soul.

All the while, his marriages
combusted (he made an entire
album. 1978’s ‘Here My Dear',
about his divorce from Anna
Gordy, sister of the Motown
boss. and made its proceeds
part of the settlement).

He had trouble with taxes.
thought about suicide and
argued with his father.

Sell any records while alive?
He had 38 hits and sold around
three million albums.

Death: Aged 44. Shot twice in
cold blood by his father. whom
he'd hit in a confrontation on
his mother’s behalf. on 1 April

Did death seem a good career
move at the time? No. His
personal torment was still
provoking beautiful. successful

Was it? Yes and no. His
reputation has town since.
but it WAS big ready and
Motown had plenty of genuine
new material ready for release.

Sell any more records? No
posthumous hits. but two
albums went platinum ( a
million copies or more) last

Anyone else cash in? Levi's
hijacked ‘I Heard It Through
The Grapevine' for Nick
Kamen to take his jeans off to;
'The Big Chill' used it to warm
up its cold. white characters;


Live career: The sarcastic
Beatle who co-founded the
group. co-wrote the hits. said
they were “bigger than Jesus".
married a conceptual artist.
grew the longest hair.
protested against Vietnam.
then left.

Sell any records while alive?
Over 250 million.

Death: Aged 40. Shot five times
in New York outside his home
after a late recording session
on 8 December 1980 — b fan
Mark Chapman. who he'
given an autograph to earlier
tharday. Chapman hadn't
appreciated the “Jesus"

Did death seem a good career
move at the time? No. He'd
juSt ended a five-year writer's

Was it? Probably. Last LP.
‘Double Fantasy' was mush,
but it stormed the charts with
hi§other posthumous releases.
While the other Beatles — Paul
McCartney in particular —
have lost their lustre. Lennon
remains bright and brave.
Sell-any more records? About
10 i'nilliun a year. including
Beatles material.

Anyone else cash in?
Soundalike son Julian has a
stuttering career: Capitol
Redords rush-released lots of
posthumous material in 1980-1
(three No 1's) Albert Goldman
couldn't resist another
assault/biography in 1988;
'Baekbeat'. a film about Stuart
Sut'olii‘fe, the Beatles first bass
player. opens on 1 April;
Capital is planning to release a
C1) of “lost" Beatles songs next
yeaij: Paul. George and Ringo
are! currently recording
tog'éther for the first time since
1920. adding new music to

. d four Who should

PUT your

, down, put your
money away. this
unbackable. The
Rodk Star That
Has Cheated

Death Most award has one nominee

rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg's
album 'Doggy—style'. echoed
his use of stagey street-talk on
'What's Going On'. a new
musical, 'All i Need To Get By“,
revives his relationship and
duets with Tammi Terrell;
Motown starts a year of new
and re—releases next month
(see Anniversaries to look out
for). Marvin's daughter Nona

v has a career as a soul singer

and Armani model.

Who's still listening?
Discerning bedroom soul fans.
white music critics. black

Sacred sites: His home on
Gramercy Place in south-
central Los Angeles.

Controversies: Did he get too
rude? (By the end of his career
he was writing songs like
‘Sanctified Pussy' — which CBS
refused to release. then
renamed ‘Sanctified Lady' —
and climaxing his concens
with a striptease during fiexual
Healing'.) ..

Anniversaries to look out for:
This month — 10 years since
his murder; 1996 — 25 years
since release of Classic protest-
soul album ‘What’s Going On'.

rough tapes of Lennon singing,
for a single or soundtrack to

‘The Beatles Anthology'. :1 10-
15 hour project due out on TV
later this year or video next
year; two rival sets of
promoters are vying to unite
them for a Lennon
tributelperiod revival at
Woodstock or the isle of “fight
this summer; John Waters did a
play about Lennon's life.
'Looking Through A Glass
Onion': Warners will release a
Lennon CD-ROM later this
year. with previously unseen
film and photographs.

Who's still listening? People
who thought Paul was trite.
Sacred sites: Abbey Road
Studios. where his arguments
with McCartney took place: the
Dakota apartment building.
West 72nd Street, New York —
home for most ofthe Seventies.
He was shot on the steps.

Controversies: Did he break
up the Beatles? Was it OK for a
socialist to have a paisley Rolls-

Anniversaries to look out for:
December 1995 —- 15 years
since death; April 1995 — 25
years since Beatles split; lune
1997 — 30 years since
‘Sergeant Pepper's Lonely
Hearts Club Band'.


0T as self-

as Richards,
Slowhand is still
lucky not to
be in the sto
above. Possib y
the second “most

likely" star to check into Rock 'n'

_ Andy Beckett analyses the impact of death on the lives of eight stars.


Live career: Guitar prodi
rescued from rhythm 8‘ b ues
obscurity. Revolutionised
blues. rock and psychedelia,
then got bored and thought
about jazz. Glamor stud and
drug fiend.

Sell any records while alive?
Not that many — only six UK
hits and one in America. Less
than 10 million altogether.
Death: Aged 27, like Morrison
and Joplin. Suffocated on his
own vomit in his sleep while
drunk and sedated in the early
hours of 18 September 1970.
Girlfriend Monika Dannemann
woke up to find him
unconscious beside her in her
London flat, called an
ambulance. and he died an
hour later. Coroner returned
an open verdict.

Did death seem a good career
move at the time? No. He'd
only released a handful of
albums. was recording
furiously and seemed capable
of anything.

Was it? Probabl not.
Frustrated fan cllemand
provoked a flood of
posthumous releases, OK to
start with, but soon barrel-
scraping compilations and out-

Sell any more records? Three
to four million a year.

Anyone else cash in? Father Al
sold estate to secretive .
investors in 1972 (see
Controversies). They
afirointed Alan Douglas. an

0 friend of Hendrix's. to milk
the legacy; latest scheme is a
multi—media (play along with
Hendrix etc) tour of American
colle e campuses this summer:
Touc stone Pictures are
planning a Hendrix movie.


Live career: Handsome hali-
English Sixties ska star. who
discovered reggae and
Rastafarianism in the
Seventies; added charisma.
tunes and political militancy to
become liberal figurehead and
Third World‘s first rock star.
Survived assassination
attempt. united warring
factions in Jamaica, played at
birth of Zimbabwe and smoked
yards of ganja.

Sell any records while alive?
More than 20 million.

Death: Aged 36. Brain and lung
cancer at Cedars Lebanon
Hospital in Miami while
visiting his sick mother on 11
May 1981.

Did death seem a good career
move at the time? No. A huge
star in Britain and Jamaica. he
was about to conquer America.
Reggae's p0 ularity was
surging. an the boom in
World Music was just around
the corner.

Was it? Yes and no. He's even
more sanctified now. but
there‘s been ugly squabbling
over his legacy (See
Controversies) and re gae has
gone materialistic an
misogynistic in his absence.

Sell any more records? He‘s
had bigger hits (such as
‘Buffalo Soldier‘) dead than

Anyone else cash in? Son Ziggy
Marley has a Julian Lennon-
style solo career; MCA records
tried to buy Bob's estate in
1991 from the Jamaican
Government -— he had died
intestate — but Marley's family
and Island Records, his old
label. won the battle and set it

man who, drunk
or sober, came to
fame for

smashing his

"Scuse Me While 1 Kiss The

S '.
Ho's still listening? The
under-205, daring heavy metal
fans. grun e musicians (he was
from Seatt e). rock critics.
Sacred sites: Monterey.
California — site of howling,

uitar-burning American

ebut at the 1967 Monterey
Pop Festival.
Controversies: Who owns the
Hendrix estate? (Al is trying to
get it back, and a 25-year-old
Swede. claiming to be
Hendrix's son, wants a share of
it). How exactly did he die?
(Hendrix's other girlfriend.
Kathy Etchingham. says
Dannemann called an
ambulance belatedly so she
could hide limi's drug stash. A
recent Scotland Yard
investigation found no
evidence of this. and the
Attorney-General has just ruled
out another inquest. And why?
(Contemporaries wonder why
a drug-savvy and aEparently
happy Hendrix too nine
sleeping pills.)
Anniversaries to look out for:
This August — 25 years since
Woodstock; August 1995 —— 25
years since his last big blow-
out at the isle of Wight Festival;
September 1995 — 25 years
since his death.

up as a trust. the Bob Marley

Who's still listening? Public
schoollioys. stoned Wllllt'
American students. people
who dtm't generally like

Sacred sites: The itul) Marley
Museum at his house on [lope
Road in Kingston. lamaicn:
anywhere on ”10 island (Hi Bob
Marley Day (ti l<'el)ruary). Controversies: Who owns tht- songs? (Bunny Wuilvr, sole survivor of Marley's ullgihal hand. The Wailers, says he owns 20 ()1~ them and is suing the l-‘oundation t'm' $2.2 million.) Was Marley murdered? (One powerful figure in the reggae husinex‘s has accused another powerful figure in the reggae business of plotting his death.) Anniversaries to look out for: This September — 20 years since liric Cla ton's cover version of '1 8 tot The Sheiiti' reached Number One in America, introducing Marley's work to a mainstream white audience (although a lot of them must have thought it was a Clapton song — Marley never had a Number One of his own); May 1996 —— 15 years since his death. PETE TOWNSHEND KURT COBAIN T LOOKED for " a while there ?BMN. 27. as if Pete end singer Townshend, the With 8“"180 band Nirvana. fell into a coma in Rome earl overdosing on be dead last month ter JANIS JOPLIN Live career: in 1966. fronted raw sychedelic band Big Brot er and the Holding Company; became first counterculture — and female — rock star thanks to vocal acrobatics and voracious sexuality: slept with Hendrix at Monterey and Jim Morrison in LA. all the while taking escalating quantities of drugs to justify hell-raising image and blur personal ain. Sell any records w e alive? A modest three to four million: two big albums and singles in America; no hits in Britain. Death: Aged 27. Overdosed on heroin late one night in room 105 of the sleazy Landmark Motor Hotel in Hollywood on 4 October 1970 — 'ust over two weeks after Hen tix. "I wonder if 1'" get as much publicity." she'd said on hearing of his death. She left $2500 to her friends in her will “so that (they) can get blasted after 1’m gone". They held a wake, and id. Did death seem a good career move at the time? No. After an anistic hiatus during 1968-9. she was recording her best work — despite. or rather because of. the feverish decay of her personal life. One of her last and strongest songs was called ‘Buried Alive in the Blues’. Was it? Maybe. She became an instant legend. Sell any more records? Within months of her death, 'Me and Bobby McGee' became her ‘ only Number One. Three times as many albums released in death as in life. but only sells about 50,000 copies a year. Anyone else cash In? Ianis‘s FREIIDIE MERCURY Live career: Camp ornament to. and then focus of. Queen's evolution from progressive rock bores to supple pop favorites. His cod-operatic struts and wails were always undercut by irony and an eye for the charts. Became a truly national institution. Sell an records while alive? 100 mi lion. Death: Aged 45. Of pneumonia exacerbated by AIDS, in London on 24 November 1991. Queen's 'The Show Must Go 011' was in the charts at the time. Did death seem a good career move at the time? No. Queen were enjoying another popularity surge and the first faint warmth of critical respectability. Was it? Yes. He became a brave AIDS martyr. an AIDS prophet (‘Killer Queen', ‘Another One Bites The Dust') and London cabbies' only bisexual hero. Everyone says they love Queen's screechy bombast HOM’. Sell any more records? A re- released ‘Bohemian Rhapsody' went straight back to Number One: Freddie's solo work is big in ltttly; a final album of Queen material should leave shops by the ton when it's released later this year. Anyone else cash in? Lots of Queen covers by George Michael, Elton John etc, motivated — as rock tributes generally are — by a mixture of charity. respect and careerism. llurglars recently stole unreleased Freddie tapes from sister Laura wrote a book about her, 'Love. Ianis‘, which is to become a musical this year, accompanied by a tribute album and concert; Pe Caserta, Ioplin’s main emale lover. wrote 'Going Down With Ian‘; Bette Midler played Janis in a 1979 biopic 'The Rose’; lanis's last boyfriend, her dealer Seth Morgan. based a character on her in his feted prison-written autobiography/novel ‘Homeboy', before dying in a motorbike crash in 1990. Who's still listening? Sixties nostalgics. daring blues fans. not many others (see Sell any more records?). Sacred sites: La nitas, California, an 01 logging camp just over the Golden Gate Brid e, where Janis and the Hol in Company set up one of the irst communes; Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. where they played free festivals. Controversies: Who owns her talent? (The ioplin Family sued the producer of the 1991 musical ‘lanis'. The producer won. arguing. "Janis Joplin is a part of our national heritage".) Anniversaries to look out for: October 1995 — 25 years since her death. Queen guitarist Brian May's house. but abandoned them (after listening?) in a garden and park, where they were found and returned. May's band is a clumsy Queen facsimile. Who’s still listening? Everyone. now Queen aren't threatening to make any more records. Sacred sites: Wembley — Queen made it their own. with 20 minutes of hi h-camp mayhem at wort y Live Aid. Controversies: Should Freddie have come out of the closet? (He and his band didn‘t talk about his bisexuality. to avoid alienating some of the less enli htened sections of their fan ase.) Should he have kept his illness a secret until two days before he died? (A terse press release ended a two-week feeding frenzy of tabloid speculation.) Was Queen knowingly ridiculous? And if “yes". does that excuse them? Anniversaries to look out for: 1995 —- 20 years since the chart reign of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody'; November 1996 — five years since his death. JIM MORRISON Live Career: Admiral's son, poet and Aldous Huxley fan joined trio of LA muses. formed The Doors and made malignant music durin Summer of Love. Weir pop. mixed with meandering meditations on sex. drugs and violence led to escalating success and notoriety — and a quick burnout. splitting to write poems in Paris. Sell an records while alive? More t an 20 million. Death: Aged 27. Alcohol- related heart attack in the bath of Paris flat on 3 July 1971 — officially (see Controversies). Dld death seem a good career move at the time? Yes — it was mysterious and bohemian; he’d left The Doors and was writing bad poetry. Was it? Yes. Everyone forgot his balloonin weight and shrinking cre ibili ; his image froze as a cool leat er-clad lizard — he's had three posthumous ‘Rolling Stone' covers - and he established a new French fan base. Sell any more records? A handy million. a year at the moment. Anyone else cash in? Francis Ford Coppola used Morrison's Oedipal epic ‘The End' to climax 'Apocalypse Now' in 1979; Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman wrote best-selling. hyperbolic biography ‘No One Here Gets Out Alive' in 1981'. Doors drummer John Densmore wrote fM Life With Jim Morrison And T e Doors' in 1990; Oliver Stone made bloated biopic ‘The Doors' in 1991. Who’s still listening? Gloomy teenagers. the French , adventurous CD collectors. ELVIS PRESLEY Live career: White trash boy from Tupelo. Mississippi. looked like an angel and sang like a horny devil. A local, then American, then global star through talent and TV: lured by schiock movies and Vegas ballads, made a comeback, then bloated on cheeseburgers and dieting drugs. Sell any records while alive? More than 400 million. ' - th: Aged 42. Congestive heart failure while readin a book about sex and astro ogy on the loo at Graceland on 16 August 1977. His doctor claimed “natural causes"; an autopsy found severely damaged arteries and iver (see Controversies). Did death seem a good career move at the time? No. Its indignity underlined his sad Seventies decline. Was it? Maybe. Languishing sales shot up and the Presley myth grew and mutated as fans reinterpreted it. from the bizarre (Elvis-Christ/Elvis- Hitler subcultures) to the fundamentalist (the “Elvis is alive” industry). Dead. he‘s even more famous. He‘s escaped the clutches of Colonel Parker. his dictatorial agent. And he's not getting any fatter. Sell any more records? 300 million in the first seven years after his death alone. Anyone else cash in? RCA has released at least 18 posthumous albums, startin with 1977's 'Elvis in Deman ': Southern photographer William Eggleston took some famously spooky pictures of the empty Graceland; Albert ‘ JOHN WRIGHT Sacred sites: Venice, California — Morrison's stamping ground, the seed LA coflgly of the floating city: is gra ti- covered grave in Pete Lachaise cemetery in Paris — although only until 2001. when his remains are being moved elsewhere thanks to complaints about hippie ‘ a ,- 'd ... pilgrims from families owning ~ 4, neighboring plots. Controversies: How did he die? (Some say it was heroin. or , murder by a dealer; Sixties conspiracy buffs say it was the US Government — the FBI did 1' I investigate him — as part of a series of assassinations of subversives.) Or is he still alive? ’ (Onl two people actually saw his ead body: his girlfriend. who died the following year, and a French doctor. who refuses to talk. Some say that Morrison faked his own death — something he'd talked about — to avoid a possible jail sentence for indecent exposure , . onstage in Miami; this sto says that he was seen boar ing an aeroplane in Paris on the night of his ”death".) Anniversaries to look out for: July 1996 — 25 years since his death. Goldman wrote an anti-Elvis polemic in the guise of a biography. Who's still listening? Everyone, occasionally. Sacred sites: Surprisingly small Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee; Sun Studios (also small, also in Memphis — Elvis didn't get out much). _ Controversies: is he still alive? (American tabloids have said yes so often it‘s barel a controversy.) if so, where? (Usually in some over rown Dee South trailer par . wor ing at a petrol station or a supermarket.) And who‘s kept it a secret? (RCA. the US Government. or the aliens who kidnapped him.) Or was he just a “smug, stupid, embarrassin ly self—conscious rooster" (Go dman) anyway? Anniversaries to look out for: January 1997 — 40 years since his gyrating pelvis was censored on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show': Au§ust 1997 — 20 years since his eath; December 1998 — 30 years since comeback on NBC's 'Elvis TV Special'. January 2004 — 50 years since he first walked into Sun Studios to make a record. reputedly for his mother's birthday. The independent on Sunday HIDEOUS RADIATlON EXPERlMENTS EXPOSED MO SAT IN FRONTOF THEM, “Sim m Tim , AND SEVERELY IMPAMING THElR atmw. mums; 1mm! ' is THE BEST THING (N THE PLANETl . lqu'5 AND BEYOND 'Msso' (5 ms BEST THING on: THE Mun! 0w THE mo's must) meow. mammals mass m g 6) THE Exrsmmems comwueomrom: ' BEGAN A eiznm EXPERIMENT ON THE Ausm— ® 0 c 5 Mimsmso THOSE ' ALIAN POPULATION - RADIATION EMITTING "V15 WERE PLANTED 1N THE uvmc-Rooms 0F COUNTLESS AUSTRALIAN Homes TO see WHAT EFFECT THEY WOULD HAVE ON THE HUMAN ORGANISM ......._«~ ltars on “8%? won - m e is amous line "i o e I die before I get old" a self-i'uli'ull ng prophecy. He won and lost the battle with drug addiction several times (with the help of electro-acupuncture and psychotheixr ), but the addiction, combined his discovery that he was irresistible to women, almost did him In. "it nearly destroyed me. it also confused me, wondering whether it had hap ned because of a genuine person emergence, because women love a drunk or because there's a chance they might get their hands on my money." In 1981 “somebody injected me with heroin and I just went into a step on immediately. My friends decided to take me to the hospital . . . delivering me with a suit in which every pocket had some weird drug.” Townshend was. Incidentally. beaten to the bi rehearsal room in the sky b 8Who drummer Keith Moon, who led of a drug-and-slcohol overdose in 1978. The Should Be Dead index: 6/10 a mixture of drink an- rugs. a manager assured the world he was respondln to “stimulus". Cobain has. since is band became massive, been marked for death. But, despite showin some commitment to killing lmseli' at 27, the age at which lim Morrison. Janis Joplin and llmi Hendrix checked out. the singer remains a junior with not enough points on the board for self- abuse legend status just yet. lust behind him is Slash, guitarist with Guns ’N Roses. who has proudly declared: “I did some great dru and i’ve got some great memo es . . . I'm surprised I'm still here." With quotes like “As amazing as It seems in this drug-free. exercise and health age, there's a bunch of us who are still clingiwi‘sst to the and lone winner: Keei. Richards is a ‘walitln science laboratory who has devot his life to better and more effltient vehicles of self—abuse. He should be dead. no question. He has Inlm, snitlmed (:5 inhaled , eve n e cou et his rin - bedeckedgdlgits on. 'Eks soon ass Richards stopped being a junkie," wrote his biographer. Victor I, "he became an alcoholic." As Richards told a )oumallst: "i've been drunk for 27 years!" Will! the were his chosen drugs. De ressed aid of a cocktail of drugs, Richards by rock music, Cla ton sai he once claiihs he once stayed up for nine am home "st ng myself with days without sleep. "Life was 30 icecream and taking lots of heroin". interestin for nine days that l He once agreed to tour, provided conifln’t ve‘il up-" The man .. that "when I came to New York my deserl as elegantly wasted habit would be sustained . . . Whenl even called his yacht Mandrnx. He got on the plane in New York no one tolg s umsiist he checked into a was there and | Immediately went clinic n Switzerland etch It to into cold turk . While everyone hails: his blood changed. ' e things else had a wee 's rehearsal. l was lhtwould kill other imple don't lying in bed with the ‘llm-lams’ kill me . . . I come from very tough seeing thins; climb u? the wall, stock. shaking an sweating ' The Should Be Dead mm: 9/10.’ The Should Be Dead index: 7/10.‘ .a Roll Heaven (where, as the Righteous Brothers once sang, there must be a hell of a band). But Cla ton continued to defy the odds. To ay he looks like the regional sales manager of Marchants lemonade (Mulgrave branch) and his adult contemporary music ls soppy enough to win bagfuis of Gramm . but Clapton was once a serious mbiber. Eric certainly had a powerful thirst. Alcohol and heroin 4— x YEA” ' AND me? name '5 7"! MW movwc mas 0F Mum 5M5 ms teuo was No. 3 m c mm! AND THAT THEME TUNE 15 THE N057 MOVING PIECE OF : CE; 6‘6 ~ music sINcE m5 mam: T0 'tLovswcy’ ® MILLIONS or PEOPLE HAVE BEEN Ammo - WE; HAVE BEEN @ so 1; You FIND ONE or mess 05w ces w yous HOUSE, name. MMWWS IMO Tumnou'r — yam mm” MAY DEFEND UPON n! on, n was way MK m m: mo", NOT LONG AFTER A mums com: MVflEntousLY APPEARED IN OUR “VINE ' ROOM - HE stomp mum AND mow 917 mp mm: m It ran HOURS. AND war; may SAD 5 mm HE 0550 TO DE A MLtmeD (mm , out AFTER «mama txm To rm; mm, ALL u: (cu. PLAY was THE THEME TO 'itovrwcv ' - - - " WHEN DID YOU Hm Moms mm somemmc WAS waoNc wmt yous HUSBAND? s..t___._.,..-_..—___————.._ late ’70s and 80s" me it's Slash who should be in this let. But it was Cobain who chose to collapse in a hotel room In Rome. The Should Be Dead index: 4/10. Peter moth J . WRIGHT