October 25, 2020

1994-04-20 – Chillicothe Gazette

1994 04 20 Chillicothe_Gazette_Wed__Apr_20__1994_

Touring on a magic bus
Hope I die before I get old? Not

The 50-year-old
former lead singer
‘ of The Who said

Tuesday he will

tour this summer

with the “Daltrey

Sings Townshend”

show he presented

at Carnegie Hall in

The tour will
Daltrey feature Who bas-

sist John Entwistle on some dates.
Other musicians include Ringo Starr’s
son Zak Starkey, Pete Townshend’s
brother Simon, keyboardist Guy Flet-

~Cher of Dire Straits, and symphony
orchestras from each host city.