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1995-02-06 – The Indianapolis Star

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want to hear me play some silly
bass. come and watch me in con-
cert." '

it‘s a chance for a second look
at Entwistle on this. his fourth
solo tour. [Tickets are Sl2: call
(317) 630-5483 for more informa-

“i was appreciated by my fellow
musicians. who knew what 1 was
doing." he says. “But the general
public didn't really know."

Did the band appreciate him?
“Yeah. but they didn‘t particular-
ly go out of their way to tell people
about it." he says. laughing. “I
hate to sound sour grapes. I don’t
go around telling everybody. ‘it
was me. it was me. it was me.‘ "

But surprisingly often. it was.
Listen to The Real Me on the
Quadrophenta album. The music
is almost entirely bass and brass.

All Entwistle.

He's 51 now. a little hard of
hearing (he blames this on wear-
ing headphones in the recording
studio. not on performing loud
concerts) but still enjoying music.
as he has for the past 45 years.

At 6. Entwistle could read mu-
sic and play the piano. “1 man-
aged to convince my mother when
i was ll that I could actually
carry on teaching myself to play
piano." he says. “I thought i
might like to play the tmmpet.
Basically. there were too many

trumpet players around then. be-
cause it was jazz days. The school
orchestra gave me a French horn
instead. so i took up classigal

“But i was never really happy
with jazz. i started discovering

mtk and roll. I made nurse“ it performs With “‘5 “’“r‘l’li’i‘l‘
hdgg Qlil[‘”"” ‘ hand] and songs from his solo
Made a bass guitar? albums.
"i couldn't afford to buv one. so
i made it. it didn‘t live very long. i W aplenty

managed to buy a stolen body and Meanwhile. Entwistle is keep-

some stolen parts and made my- ing busy with several side pro.

self one. for about 8 pounds. We jects. Walnut Street Gallery of
had a local factory , , . just around Fort Collins. Colo. has a traveling

the corner from where I lived. Sol exhibit of his rock and mll carica-

managed to procure the parts." lures on the road now (it's expect-
He liked the bass for its sound. ' ed in Indianapolis by early sum-
”I always thought Duane Eddy mer). And he's writing the first of
played bass." he says. recalling three books on The Who “from
the legendary inventor of the my point 0f view."

twangy guitar sound, “He played When Entwistle talks about
a lot of low parts. I liked Duane The Who. it's with fondness and

Eddy, the first couple of albums some irritation. Asked about the

that he did. I always felt the bass Broadway musical version of The
was more sinister. more phallic." WhO'S Tommy. he says he's seen
Entwistle developed his style -— the show several times.
an agile. involved. lead guitar-like “It’s about as rock and roll as
sound — quite by mistake. you'll get for Broadway. lguess."
“I saw this bass player playing" he says.
— plucking the strings — “with The overall production is “Tom-
his first two fingers." he says. “I my with a suit on." And as for
figured. well. i should be able to Townshend's adaptation. which
do that dead easy. i played trum- turns the messiah-llke Tommy of
pet with my right hand. French 1969 into a comparatively main-
horn with my left and i played stream. normal character. he hes-

piano. So I started playing with itates to criticize.

two fingers. . “i dunno. lguess it was a bad
“I met the guy a couple of years week." Entwistle quips. '

later — l was using all five fingers Or maybe he's just saving his

by then — and he was amazed at best comments for the books. the

my finger style. 1 said. '1 got it first of which he hopes to finish

from you. anyway.’ And he said. by year‘s end.

‘Oh. no. laiways played with my “it's a funny book." he says.

thumb. When i had a big blister “It's not a serious. tear~The-Who-

on my thumb. i played with my apart book."

first finger. When that got a blis- But it will clear up misconcep-

ter. i played with my second fin- tions about the band. one of
ger.‘ it was all a fallacy.“ rock's best and also one of its

Fallacy or not. it worked for most combustible. Would Entwis-
Entwistie. tie like to clear up anything dur‘-

in clubs on this tour. audiences ing this interview?
get a close-up look at his tech- “No." he says with a laugh. “it
nique. They'll also get to hear sounds much better when it's '
some Who classics (1 Can See for written in a funny way. i tend to
Miles and The Real Me are the rant and rave when i talk about
only Townshend compositions he The Who now."