October 27, 2020

1995-03-10 – Philadelphia Daily News

1995 03 10 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Fri__Mar_10__1995_

Live at Leeds

The Who / MCA

What could be better than a
remixed, remastered version of
this classic live album from 1970?

And it's an expanded version,
with 30 more minutes of music. 14
tracks (the original had six) and
additional liner notes and photos.

Although “Tommy’s” opera for-
mat had pop music buzzing at the
time, this album’s original focus
was the band’s awesome power,
demonstrated on “Young Man
Blues,” “Substitute,” “Summer-
time Blues,” “Shakin all Over”
and “My Generation.”

Tracks like “A Quick One While
He’s Away” and “Amazing Jour-

ney/Sparks” - the former the

band’s first effort at opere. the
latter from “Tommy” - give a

sense of the band’s range.

And it doesn’t hurt to add Who
favorites like “I Can’t Explain”
and “Happy J ack.”

If you haven’t listened to “Live

'at Leeds” for a while, you’ll be

reminded of just how good Pete
Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John
Entwhistle and Keith Moon were
live — Moon most of all. And
none of the earsplitting rawness
of the original is lost in the re-
mixing and remastering. l

- Joe Rassenfoss
, RockyMountainNews