October 24, 2020

1995-04-07 – St Louis Post Dispatch

1995 04 07 St__Louis_Post_Dispatch_Fri__Apr_7__1995_

The Who (MCA)

“Live At Leeds,” originally released more
than 25 years ago, has always been one of
rock’s greatest live recordings. It captured
, The Who in their prime, a year after the
release of their rock opera “Tommy" and a
yea; before their classic album “Who's

This “new” version of “Live At Leeds” is
fascinating, with eight more songs and almost
40 more minutes than the original.

Instead of opening with “Young Man
Blues," the disc now blasts off with “Heaven
and Hell." In fact, except for a brief section
from “Tommy” (an excellent version of
“Amazing Journey/Sparks”), the songs! on
the new disc comprise the entire set as per
formed that Valentine' 5 Day night in 1970 at

Leeds University in England.
Along with the familiar — and outstaning

— versions of “Summertime Blues," “31b-
stitute, ” “Shakin All Over," “Magic 315"
and “My Generation" that were on the origi-
nal. you '11 now find such powerful tracks as “I
Can t Explain, ” “.Tattoo " “Happy Jada"
“I’m A Boy," “Fortune Teller" and “A Quick
One, While He’s Away.” You'll also hear‘for
the first time some of the interesting dialogue
that was previously omitted.

This limited-edition disc comes in a large-
format package. with informative liner notes
and a copy of the original poster. MCA has
also cleaned up the “crackling noises" that
were on the initial release.

This extended version helps capture the
true magic of this very special evening from
Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey. John

Entwistle and Keith Moon.
4} -— m flaw