December 5, 2020

1996-02-06 – The Indianapolis Star

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the REAL ace of bass

' - Rock 'n' roll may have produced a
r ‘ greater bass guitarist than John
Entwlstle. though no one comes
Immediately to mind.

There are bassists In his league:
Chris Squire of Yes; Les Claypool of
Prtmus; Billy Sheehan [most recently
of Mr. Big); and funk players Bootsy
Collins. Larry Graham and Louis

M Johnson. lee Entwlstle. all of them
P0 “'3' elevated their rhythm instrument to
"SIG lead status.


But Entwlstle gets my MVP vote for
m ”M holding The Who together.
surrounded by three creative but volatile rock
stars hcll-bent on grabbing attention. Entwlstle quiet-
ly made himself tndlspensable. Careful listeners knew
that while guitarist Pete Townshend wtndmllled hls
arm. Roger Daltrey twlrled his microphone and Kevin
Moon bashed hls drum kit. Entwlstle merely kept the

Central Indiana
will get a chance
to appreciate
this overlooked

member of
The Who.

band going —-— all the way to the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame.

The Who was inducted in 1990.
Entwistle contributed a number of excellent songs

to The Who's repertoire. Including Heaven and Hell.
My Wife, Cousin Kevin. fiddle About and Boris the
Spider. In the band‘s final years, his songs - You.
Had Enough. Trick of the Light — rivaled Townshend’s
for quality.

Beyond that. he also played all the brass instru-
ments on The Who’s records. drew the connect-the-
dots cover for the 1975 album The Who By Numbers
and found the time to make five solo albums.

Entwlstle rarely received the recognition he
deserved — in part, he says. because bass players
“can’t overlndulge on a record" the way they might ln

“I do a lot better stuff on stage than I‘ve done on
record." he says by phone from New York in an obvi-
ous but truthful plug for his show Wednesday at Clr-
cle Centre‘s World Mardl Gras. “But really. if you

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