October 26, 2020

1996-02-08 – The Sioux City Journal

1996 02 08 The_Sioux_City_Journal_Thu__Feb_8__1996_

Message IS clear:
the Mods are back

By Roger Trodro
London Observer Service

PARIS — For once the message
for next autumn from men’s

designers showing in Paris could SO‘I th. dlroctlon

not be clearer: the Mods are back. for tho EU'OPQ-
The Who’s Pete Townshend ‘

even did a turn on the catwalk for '

S t ,t ' n'
$333133“ cons he 1nflue Ml The return to elegance was

The primary influence is early backed by a more established name,

Mod sharp tailoring rather than the Paul 31mm, “05¢. “C“; ¢°“.°C,"°n
later parkas. British designers set amounted to a series 0. vgnauons
the direction for the rest ofEumpe “0““! ”W t "'5' “”0“

They’ re making men’ s tailoring Single-breasted suit.

' Many of the thoroughly English
figfigfighg, modern and eminently cloths for suits and coats would not

Oswald Boateng, 23, created a have looked out of place in Savile

sensation at a packed show with a Row, although its tailors might not

collection inspired by the James reeommend the aecompanying
.Bond films. Beaten ,whoopeneda bnghtkyellllow shuts 0’ h1gh
shop in London’ 5 avile. Row last ’0‘}:“¢° P3 OVCYS-l b

'year, has a trademark cut: LP" 0“ C “ PWMIS,

high-buttoning, long, fitted jackets comed1ahs and young smgle 8W5

dressmg up again. ” Smith said.
in an array of colors, reminiscent of are
the late Tommy Nutter, who 10"“ R00“, from Dublin 3

- 1' , former British designer of the year,
ggfis‘f’ggsfoc“ Stars m me 605’ 70$ caught the mood best. The starting

—- tweeds,
For Savile Row, the arrival of a point was.trad1tional
tailor of such class is good news. eavalry twms, lean OVCTCOKtS and

The cost of a Boateng suit is Jackets.
$1, 240- $2, 325. WWNmm.


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