October 26, 2020

1996-03-07 – Green Bay Press Gazette

1996 03 07 Green_Bay_Press_Gazette_Thu__Mar_7__1996_

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the arrival 0' ‘Tummy'

Planning to go see The Who’s Charlesworth promised a couple of
Tommy April 16-21 at the Weidner years ago, new discs of unreleased
Center? Here’s the news you need live material are being readied as
to help get you ready for the well.
arrival of the touring musical. Also finally seeing light is

The original Tommy Coolwalkingsmoothtalking-

album is next in line
in MCA’s remaster-
ing and repack-

firestoking: The
Best of Pete

aging of The T ownshend. It
Who catalog. features 15
It’s due in songs,
record including
stores , one new
Tuesday. " - ' , . l. . a ~ one,
While 2.; _ .. g .; - :‘Li Uneasy
the album Street, as
is remas- well as a
tered, it’s _ A ._ remix of
the first in n ' ' O 9; 3399 01:: My Love
the series to -:- Q m (1 1% . en the
have no bonus the 9 j ' Door. Gotta
tracks to keep ‘ wait till April
the concept and for that.
running order the By the way, the
same (as well as make it Weidner Center box
all fit on one disc). office reports “great seats”
Still to come are Quadrophenia, are still available for the six-night
Who Are You, The Who By run of The Who’s Tommy. Tickets
Numbers and Odds and Sods. are $32 to $42. Call 465-2217 or

Bonus tracks are likely on all (800) 328-8587.
those, and, as compiler Chris -— Staff and wire reports