October 28, 2020

1996-03-07 – The Los Angeles Times

1996 03 07 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Thu__Mar_7__1996_

John Entwistle:
Dry Humor,
Sharp Playing

OLLYWOOD—“This is a song I

wrote when I was successful,"
former Who bassist J ohn Entwistle
wryly informed the audience at the
House of Blues on Tuesday as he
introduced “Success Story,” the
sardonic slice of rock star life from
the Who’s 1975 album “The Who
by N umbers."

Although none of Entwistle's
solo work really rivals his Who
legacy, he remains one of rock’s
premier bassists, not only because
of his staggering technique, but
also the personal flair with which
he demonstrates it. Throughout the
set, which was dominated by Who
material, the understated En-

twistle displayed a sense of humor_

as dry as his playing was sharp.
Planted on stage in his signature
stoic demeanor, Entwistle spun
graceful and powerful bass lines.
Drummer Steve Luongo, singer-
guitarist Godfrey Townsend and
keyboardist Alan St. Jon did an
admirable job of generating the
volatile energy necessary to bring
such Who classics as “The Real
Me" and “Long Live Rock" home.
The set also included a handful
of songs from Entwistle's new
album “The Rock," a limited-
edition collection that is being sold
at his shows, record store appear-
ances and by mail order (informa-
tion: [9141‘528-0900). There was
also 3 Keith Moon number and two
songs that the Who made their
own in concert over the years:
Eddie Cochran's “Summertime

Blues" and the Pirates’ “Shakin’

All Over."