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1996-03-28 – The Kokomo Tribune

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“Tommy" comes to life at Indianapolis’ Murat Theatre next month. (Photo mvldod)

‘Tommy’: See it, feel it, in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS —- The national
tour of the classic rock opera, The
Who's “Tommy," will be at the
Murat Theatre April 26 through 28.

The theater is located at 502 N.
New Jersey and information on
ticket sales may be obtained by
calling (317) 231-0000.

The show, which opened on
Broadway April 22, 1993, received
historic critical acclaim. “Seeing -
not to mention hearing, feeling and
touching - is believing,” said Vari-
ety‘s Jeremy Gerard. “ ‘Tommy' is
the best rock‘n’roll show ever pro-
duced (in Broadway."


The Who first gave voice to
“Tommy" in 1969 with its land.
mark concept album of the “rock
opera." “Tommy’s” amazing musi-
journey has since rocked
across generations and around the

The story, told by a succession of
songs and instrumentals, revolves
around a boy struck deaf, dump
and blind after witnessing a mur-
der. It centers on his extraordinary
journey to recovery.

“Tommy“ includes the classic
songs “See Me, Feel Me," “The
Acid Queen," “We’re Not Going to

Take It," and “Pinball Wizard." It
also features new material by
Peter Townshend, including the
ballad ”I Believe My Own Eyes."
The show, which premiered at
the La Jolla Playhouse in the sum-
mer of 1992, broke all records for
the theatre and played to standing-
room-only audiences throughout
its 13‘Irweek run. Writer/compos-
er/musician Pete Townshend has
been a member of The Who since
1963. At least 20 of his more than
300 recorded songs have been
chart hits and he has written and
composed several major collec-

tions, including “Tommy,” that
have won international recogni-
tion. Given the Ivor Novello
Awards by his song—writer peers
for services to the British Music
Industry, and the British Phono-
graphic Industry Award, he was
inducted into the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame in 1990.

He received an Academy Award
nomination for the film score of

The current tour of “Tommy" is
produced by Big League Theatri-
cals Inc.