October 20, 2020

1996-04-24 – The Kokomo Tribune

1996 04 24 The_Kokomo_Tribune_Wed__Apr_24__1996_

Guess who’s
comlng to play

LONDON (AP) -- Who plays
Who like The Who?

N obody, says the British rock-
ers‘ lead singer Roger Daltrey ~—
which is why the band is reform-
ing for the first-ever live perfor-
mance of its rock opera,

“No one plays our music better
than us,” said Daltrey, who joined
surviving Who members J ohn
Entwistle and Pete Townshend at a
news conference Tuesday.

The concert, scheduled for June
29 in London’s Hyde Park, will
benefit Prince Charles‘ main char-

: ity, The Prince's Trust. Also
appearing will be Eric Clapton,
Bob Dylan and Alanis Morissette.

The Who recorded “Quadrophe—
nia," the tale of a young thrill-
seeker searching for himself, in
1973, four years after its ground-
breaking rock opera, “Tommy.”

The band has done several so-
called farewell concerts since the
1978 death of original drummer
Keith Moon.