October 22, 2020

1997-03-09 – The Central New Jersey Home News

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“The Who’s Tommy”
descends on State Theatre

By cums JORDAN

ho’s Tommy?
The character Tommy, originally
conceived in the 1969 double-album

rock opera of the same name by British rock
. giant The Who, has undergone a transformation
since his debut. Trying to pin down exactly who
Tommy is can be vexing.

“There are several messages in Tommy,"
said Davis Kirby, who will portray Tommy
when the national tour of “The Who’s Tommy"

comes to the State Theatre in New Brunswick
March 20 and 21.

On the original album, 4-year old Tommy

Walker witnesses his father kill his mother’s
lover, an experience which leaves Tommy in
catatonic withdrawal. deaf, dumb and blind.
While growing up, the boy is traumatized fur-
ther by molestation and abuse at the hands of
Uncle Ernie and Cousin Kevin, respectively.

In his teen years, Tommy sharpens his pin-
ball-playing skills and becomes a pinball wizard
with a cult following. Unfortunately. his fol-
lowers turn on him after he becomes a tyranni-
cal leader, forcing members of his sect to simu-
late his own disabilities by putting corks in their
mouths and making them wear sunglasses.

Eventually, Tommy is set upon by a mob, but

Please see Tommy, page 09

Q We have The Who to thank for “Tommy,” the rock opera.