October 31, 2020

1998-02-22 – Reno Gazette Journal

1998 02 22 Reno_Gazette_Journal_Sun__Feb_22__1998_ 2

TOII'IIII I “The style of the show is iock ’n’

oolliu m- prevlols me 4 roll, but you don’t necessarily need
to dance to rock ’n’ roll,” he said.

said Art Anderson, who’ 5 chore- “There is no such dance. We’ve

ographing the show. adjusted to the music, we move to

the music and
we work with
what’s happen-

ing onstage. A
FEb' 27'281 lot of it is
Mar. 1? 6, 7, 8* Organic. We’ re

' . doing mostly
8pmflst3né 2p.m_.on5;l‘l;days , jazz dance, and

we do have
M 33$?“ some trained
dancers to
ByAgathaChristie 33"‘377 / guide us
0mg byhthy Easly Reno Elks Clllb, SNMLM, through ”
Behind Bulger King on S. lnla St. When

audiences may be surprised at
what they see. It won ’t be the Ken
Russell film certainly; Glynn 1s no f
Roger Daltrey, the Who' 5 lead ' ' -‘
singer who played Tommy.
“The movie was awful, very
awful, ” he said. “ I don t want any
of Roger Daltrey in my Tommy.” ' ’
What audiences will see is a show
that Bernardi hopes reaches out to
both the baby boomers and -
Generation X. Behind the glitz and ~
noise that “Tommy” generates lies
a story that people can relate to.
“Tommy 1s a strong piece of the-
ater that people in a uniVersity can
relate to, ” he said. “Then there’ 8
also the baby boomers, for whom
the show can mean something else.

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