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1999-03-07 – Hartford Courant

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See it... feel it... Lew i’t... Tie Wlo s TOMMY

The Who’ 5 T 0mmy
Broadway in Concert

March 30-April 4

In celebration of the 30th anniversary
of the rock opera Tommy. a new
national tour celebrates the fusion of
Broadway and Rock n' Roll. The
Who‘s T(mmzy: Broadway in Concert -—
See it... feel it... hear it... live on stage.
Unlike any show
you‘ve ever seen
before, experience the

Executive Director Douglas C. Evans
considers to be a major development
for the 69—year—old performing ans
center. “As co-producer, The Bushnell
is helping to ensure the availability of
high-quality touring productions. not
only for The Bushnell but for other
independent presenters across the
country," says Evans. “We also gain the
flexibility to Choose specific productions
based on the tastes of our audiences."

Then. by chance. he happens upon a
pinball machine and inexplicably racks
up extraordinaiy scones, using nothing
but his sense of touch. He becomes an
unwilling hero—the Pinball Wizard—
who must live up to the expectations of
his demanding followers. Years later.
suddenly awakened from tmumzL he
stops playing the icon. and his follow-
ers decide they don‘t want a human
being on the pedestal they‘ve erected,

perform in the musical while it plays at
The Bushnell. The sixth—grader at North-
east Middle School in Bristol will appear in
bothactsofthe showandhassomesolo
singing moments in the second act

Tommy began as a landmark concept
album written by Pete Townshend and
performed by The Who. The first single
fmm the album, “Pinball Wizard" was
released in March of 1969. Tommy went
on to receive Ctitical acclaim and spun ofl'
interpretations in many different media.
In 1971, a

amazing journey of the Canadian
pinball wizard with a ' ballet troupe
new Broadway cast. " created a
The Who‘s Tommy: danée based
Broadway in Concert... the on the album.
theatrical event sensation. In 1975

Set in Bntain between the a film version
end of World War ll :md directed

the late [9605. Tommy by Ken Russell
chronicles the adventLues , Ihlate Jan H the three artn ' ' and staining Refer
0f oun Tomm Walker His father , - - uary, p' ers Daltry, Elton Jo .
preiumfd dead 1);] WW” unexpectedly “0 they topple mm from It“ held open eall autiitions for boys Tina Tbmer, Ann-
comes home and finds his mother with The Bushnell, The Playhouse Theatre mtenested in playing the role Maigatet and Jack

her lover. Tommy watches as his father in Wilmington, Delaware and Jefliey 0f ten—year-old Tommy. Nicholson was released. In
kills the lover. Overwhelmed by his Finn Productions have jomed forces to APPTOleatCly 30 boys came 1992 a stage version premiered
parents” command: “You didn‘t here collaborate on the concen-style to The Bushnell to audition. at the LaJolla Playhouse in

it/you didn’t see it," Tommy plunges Broadway production Of The Who’s They PUt on their be“ show California and went on to Broadway in
into complete sensory withdrawal, classic ”Ck opera faces and performed the" April 1993 garnering five Tony Awards

where for years he’s subjected to a favorite songs.

series of medical tests and emotional
and physical abuses.

including Best Score for Pete Townshend.
Now, The Who’s Tommy: Broadway in
Concert embarks on a national tour. 0

This is the first time The Bushnell has
taken on a producing role for a major
production, something Bushnell

When it was all over, Kevin M.
Raponey, ll, of Bristol was chosen to


Join us for the fourth season of Scenarios. The
Bushnell‘s Broadway lecture series which offers
insights into vatious aspects of productions in the
1998-99 Aetna Broadway Series. With generous
underwriting from PHILIP MORRIS USA.

The Bushnell has teamed with several expens in
the performing am to explore musical and visual
components of various shows.

“Tommy and the Evolution of Rock Musicals"
will be presented Saturday. April 3, 1999. by
Robert Wildman. Managing Director ofConnecticut
Repertory Theatie. Though composed in the late
1960s. mezy‘x Broadway stage incarnation

occuned nearly a quarter centuiy later. Wildman
will explore how the work evolved to ieflect the
change in the times. The Who's Tommy: Broadway
in Concert plays March 30 through April 4.

The final presentation in the 1998-99 Scenarios
series, “S unset Boulevard: Beauty and the Beast
Reversed?” will take place on Saturday, June 19,
1999. Gerald Moshell will compare and contrast
the beastly and the beautiful as pomayed in Andrew
Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard and Stephen

Sondheim’s Passion. Sunset Boulevw‘d plays from
June 15-20.

Crossdressing roles and the motivations behind
their creation will be discussed within the context of
t’ictor/Wrtoriu during “Victor/Victon'a and Other
Gender-Benders," on Saturday, May 1, 1999.
Gerald Moshell. Professor of Music at Trinity
College. will probe issues of gender-switching

as they arise in the opera and Broadway worlds.
i'ir'mr/l'i't'rm'ia plays April 27 through May 2.

All Scenarios lectutes begin at 11:00 am. and are
held in The Bushnell‘s Seavems Room. Doors
open at 10:30 am. Scenarios is free and open to
the public. Ticketed reservations are required.
Call The Bushnell Box Office at (860) 987-5900.