October 20, 2020

1999-04-04 – Hartford Courant

1999 04 04 Hartford_Courant_Sun__Apr_4__1999_

on plat
t‘ast of The
tion of



n Full-‘I’ilt Rock

hv [fittshm‘ll's [‘Il‘mlllt"

tttm nt‘ "’l‘hw Whn‘s

'l‘utnmy: HI‘UIMWEU' m
Concert" is a musit'al tnut‘
do force with a strung t'axt
and ennugh plut m lump tin)
show on its fm't.
Tht‘ [)t‘mhtctinn ls
mmw‘ ahuttt the
m-yuut‘t‘ace t'm‘k
music of Pete
Tnu'nshmd than
the pinhall wiz-
ard himself pm-

Mw" anti hat'thédgt‘ (‘Xt‘t‘ll-
Han nt"‘.‘vnsatmn.” ()thm‘
‘lz‘tmhtllls art‘ Mh‘hiit‘l
t‘a‘tthvt‘. \ ht) i8 Ctmtmtrmgz
as Ihf' manipulative
matsm Kevin. and
Virginia N’nnth'ut‘tl
\'ht)(1(‘h'0l‘8 a mul-
t‘tti t_n-t't‘tn‘ntanm of
"Acid (Qttcvnf‘

Km in M. Rapom‘y.
who plays tho timid

1(1ng «mod young: "l‘ommy well.
* . s s t ' ‘
«final t 111:1:u m Ben :Wh (}) It‘ltllth ltkt
tilt S m) 00 J t (‘t‘ L’lt‘ 1. 1 18 O(‘I'IP.

heavy on plot.
Thu wt a
plath’n‘m and a
mmw St‘l't't‘l‘. 1s attaplv
aatl pt'm'ides httiv rv‘ rantix
All of the muslt- tmm
the m‘iginal album |. pt?!‘
t'm'mml by a hw ham! at
tho hat‘k of the stage“. 'I‘ht‘
music. of the Whu, whtt'h ts
good. Uld~SChUfll I'Htfk‘ ml!
definitely appeal 10 tum
tigers and baby houmvt‘s
alike. .-t‘l)llSTit‘ and (’[H‘IHI'
guitars. bass. drums. a kw
board and a french horn
create a foottapping expo-
t‘ivnce. Highlights intrltttle
“Pinball Wizard“ and a
sonically OXDIOSN" “Wilt“.
Michael Seolhath star
rim: as Tommy. tivmon»
stt‘atos his rangn as a vocal-

Stage Revnew.

(‘nstumvs and
ltr'htmg me also
dunt H.011 and suit
thv SHIIH‘UIHE‘S dark. amne-
tmw» llpht'nit nature at thv
htM‘ mt‘t‘l);

Thu Htlshnvll's prnthtv
tint; u! "'I‘t)1ttttt_"‘tsztalum
that Ltkvs (rmphasis off thv
plat and l'PHt‘SOH“2.1511.
mm'mnmt anti muslu H'
ynu‘tw up far sumv t‘m‘k
mum- and an entertaining
shun; gt) t'hH'k it out

'hv Who's Tammy
Bt’tnathx ay m (‘mtcorf‘ mn-
«3th HS I‘Un tmlat with
shows at 2 and 7:50 pm.
hitm‘matmn' (860) 987-5900.

Hm Johnson 17 is u
wmm u! lx'm xuuod ()/0rd
St lnm/ in W257 Hartfnul.