October 24, 2020

2000-02-25 – The Age

2000 02 25 The_Age_Fri__Feb_25__2000_


- From the mid-‘GOs, kids everywhere
posed in front of bedroom mirrors
with tennis racquets or cricket bats.
trying to emulaté the guitar heroics
of The Who’s Pete TOwnshend.
Pete's younger brother. Simon, now
in town as guitarist for the Ultimate
Rock Symphony, was no exception.
“I stood in front of the mirror enough
as a six-year-old with my cricket bat,
but I could never get it (the
trademark windmill action)
together." he told Sticky Carpet in
the Flagstaff Gardens with his son.
Ben (above), who plays drums for the
URS. Sticky also ran into Who
frontman Roger Daltrey in the park.
He seemed to be enjoying our

sunshine and flora. but
was full of complaints
about his hotel and
potential negative
reactions to the concert.
It seems little has
changed. In 1994,
former SundayAge
scribe Peter Wilmoth
encountered an annoyed
and defensive Daltrey in
an interview promoting a
tour entitled "The

Greatest H its of the
Who" with Simon Townshend and

Ringo Starr's son, Zac, filling in for
Pete Townshend and the late, great
Keith Moon. Daltrey snapped to
Wilmoth, who had described the
show as a “wateredodown version of
a once-great rock band" : “I turn up
to concerts to listen to the music.
Maybe you don't."

0 The Pacific Cltcle Music Expo.
which returns to Sydney on 19
October, is a great chance to network
and expose your band to more than
500 international delegates.
Appearances at the expo have
resulted in the Whitlams being
represented in North America by