October 29, 2020

2000-02-29 – Star Tribune

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THE WHO, “BBC Sessions” (MCA)

Keith Moon is long gone. “Won't Get Fooled Again"
is part of a new Nissan ad. And “Tommy” is a Broadway
hit. What a long way it seems from the Who’s mod-
punk days. when “My Generation" mocked the over-30
set and Pete Townshend’s stage antics set the standard

for angry-man rock
Thank goodness. then, that the BBC vaults have pre-

served the early Whodlum days. providing this warts-
and-all snapshot of the band on the rise. Recorded
from 1965 to '73, the tracks on “BBC Sessions” have an
alluring diamond-in-the-rough (often very rough) qual-
ity. Roger Daltrey's voice is hard and earnest. Town-
shend's slash—and-burn rifting is daring.

These “Sessions" might have been sanitized for nos-
talgia trippers. But the producers wisely left these
flawed gems unpolished. providing sweatily satisfying
versions of “Substitute,” “The Seeker" and “Pictures of
Lily,” along with a few left-turn R&B covers.

— Nick Tate, Cox News Semice