October 26, 2020

2000-03-16 – The Post Crescent

2000 03 16 The_Post_Crescent_Thu__Mar_16__2000_


a long time ago? They say they look for innova-

l was just tickled to death to get to do it . - . . .
because it was so easy. Ya know, I’m rural, I 3:81:8aggogt’eatmty. D‘dnt we have that ‘5

drive a tractor, and what the heck, I didn‘t

have ‘0 ‘10 W Prepa’m“ on what took Rock 'n' Roll Hall ofFame voters

. .. . .. . t d th ba M l , oo-
(ptctuted) star of The Stratght Story, a mowe so long 0 m “C 30p $130“ p032? 323’: gm


about one man 'sjourney through the Midwest ble' for induction 2 5
. . . , years
whtle drtvmg what else? A tractor after the release of their first
You’ve got “
:3 be lgtlorant. Like-minded people
. s neatbylt t coming tggether and
gmmsstal h 0 engaging 1n this experi-
aive're h' umiitt] ment might produce
re a tons ms. 5 something that is truly.

crazy.” truly, truly inspira-

AIMEE MANN tionally beautiful. But.
former lead we may also end up
singer of 77/ Tiles- with a crock!”
dt}v, on life as a pro- PETE
essional musician. OWNSI I
The singer is getting T END

guitarist of The
Who, who's working
with the computer
company Gateway
to develop software
that would allow
users to enter per-
sonal data and
send it to his

Web site. Townshend
would then collect the data and
write a song about it

another taste o/‘sue-
cess thanks to the
soundtrack for the
movie “Magnolia, " for
which she wrote many
of the songs

It is the most diffi-
cult thing to do, but - , _. x
when you get it right, it is ‘ ”’
so much more rewarding - I