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2000-04-11 – The Central New Jersey Home News

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I Singer
Roger Dal-
trey. right.
and guitarist
Pete Town-
shend. origi-
nal members
of The Who
(shown in this
1989 concert
in Holmdel).
are coming
back to town.
The Who will
rock the PNC
Bank Arts
Center on
July 1.

Home News
Tribune 1989

Who’s gone electric again?
Pete Townshend, that’s Who


he Who will rock mm the
let century.

British t‘m'k it‘uns The
Who :mmnmced yt,stoi‘tlziy a sum-
mer greatest-hits tout: which will
bring them to the PM‘ Bank Arts
Center in Holmdcl on July 1. 'I‘it‘k-
ets. a hefty $35.5tl-S152. go on sale
9 am Saturday through Ticket
master and the Arts (Tenter's hm;

'l‘he tnur mint‘idm with the: l‘tL
lease ()f a now live alhum. “The
Blues to the Bush." that was n;-
t‘m‘ded last year at Chicago‘s
House of Blues and in Lumhm.

The music. which includes Whu
songs never before recorded. “'1“
he released as a custom (‘1) wherv
fans can select the songs they
want in the m‘rler they prefer and
as a download fmm the IllllSlClllEl-
ketcom Web site. according tn
thewhulivmmm on the. Internet.

Guitarist Pete Townshend.
singer Roger Dziltt‘ey. and bassist
.Jnhn EINWlSIlt‘. all original mem-
hers. Vlll he jninwl by drummer
Zak Starkey. Ringo Starr's son.
and langtime Who keyboardist
.lohn "Ruhhit" Bunth‘ick fur the

Original Who drummer Keith
?lmm died in 1978.

'l‘uwnslwml will play {in electric
rather than ({CUllStlt? guitar on the
twin: Hv‘s been performing “un-
plugged" thr l‘t‘t‘t’nl shows. inclutl
lllfl the hnhil‘a Ill??? “Quatlmphc-
nin" tour which also came to the
Arts (“enter The: Arts Center's,
(‘UIlL‘OI‘T hmlim tm‘ more informa-
titm is (732) 2535-8698.

The “hit formed in 1963 and
have produced hits like “My
Generation." “Won't (let Fooled
Again" 11ml "Pinball Wizard."
t'mm their gmundht‘mkmg mck
opera "Tummy."