October 26, 2020

2000-04-28 – The Tampa Tribune

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The Who, BBC Sessions (MCA) m
Just for fun, imagine the faces of the straight—laced,
lab-coated BBC technicians when confronted with
Pete Townshend’s feedback solo on “Anyway, Any-
how, Anywhere.” Even more jarring and violent than
the performance captured on the Who‘s 1965 single,
this recording for England’s state-run radio must
surely have convinced all good and proper citizens
that this beat-group nonsense had gone too far.

The beauty of the Who at its best was that it took
that beat-group nonsense too far —- too loud, too vio-
lent, too arrogant, too orgiastic. A band willing to sac-
rifice expensive equipment
night after night in the name
of kicks is either your rock ’n’
roll savior or the harbinger of
the apocalypse, depending on
your perspective.

The BBC was famous for
keeping things in check and
many of these takes of early

Who hits are subdued com-
Sp I l I pared to the more familiar ver-

0 Still, fans will want this for

the rarities — remakes of
tlns James Brown’s “Just You and

- Me Darling” and the ,
musm rev1ews 9m‘fggnwng Rascals

It also provides a spontane-
oussounding overview of the Who's progression from
1965 hrough 1973. Listen to the two versions of “Sub-
stitute,” recorded in 1966 and 1970. The later version.
recorded with lord knows how many more gigs under
the band’s belt, has a hardness and brilliance absent in

the earlier one. It’s the sound of a clever and powerful
pop group becoming an awe—inspiring rock band.