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2001-04-10 – The Tampa Tribune

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By Kevin Walker

Bobo quote
stirs up
‘Nest’ trivia

It's Mailbag Day!

* Cuckoo notes: Rich
Steinbrueck wrote to say he
found the following trivia
about “One Flew Over the
Cuckoo’s Nest,” the 1975
movie that was the source of
a recent Bobo the Dog quote.

I Christopher Lloyd made
his film debut as the inmate

I It was the first film to
take all the major awards
(best picture, director, screen-
play, actor and actress) since
1934’s “It Happened One

I It won these awards in
competition with “Jaws.”
(Rich notes: “I think I see
‘Jaws' offered on movie chan-
nels at least once a month —
but rarely “Cuckoo’s Nest”)

The only thing I would add.
Rich, is that while "Cuckoo’s
Nest” did win best adapted
screenplay that year, the best
original screenplay Oscar
went to Frank Pierson for
“Dog Day Afternoon." Was
that a great year for movies or

Praise tor Sampson:
Christie Musick wrote in to
praise the work of Will
Sampson, who played Chief
Bromden in “Cuckoo's Nest."

She wrote, ”Io me, he was
the main character after Jack
Nicholson and Louise
Fletcher, and the one who
most interested me. He went
on to be in one of the
‘Poltergeist’ movies, plus he
had a movie all his own,
which I can't remember the
name of, where he played a
mountain sheriff. He died a
few years ago, much to my .
dismay. I had hoped he would
get better movies and not die
in near—obscurity."

Sampson is wonderful in
“Cuckoo’s Nest," and he's a
memorable presence in other
movies, including “The _
Outlaw Josey Wales" and
even “Orca.” He was also
Harlin Twoleafs on “Vega$."
I’m not sure of the movie you
are referencing, Christie.
although it might be
“Relentless” from 1977.

Baba who: A reader named
Gretchen wrote to say, “For
who, what or where is the
song ‘Baba O’Riley’ named
after? People always refer to
the song as ‘Teenage
Wasteland,’ but I don’t think
that’s the real title."

No, It's not, but people often
make that mistake because
the song’s most memorable
vocal line Is “Its only teenage
wasteland." "Baba O’Riley" is
the first track on “Who’s
Next," the legendary 1971
album that also contains
“Behind Blue Eyes" and
“Won't Get Fooled Again."
Many of the songs on the
record, including “Baba
O’Riley," were taken from an
uncompleted rock opera
called “Lifehouse” (Who
songwriter and guitarist Pete
Townshend has completed
“Lifehouse,” and you can pur-
chase it from www.

Anyway, the title might be in
a reference to Meher Baba, an
1 Eastern mystic who
‘ Townshend said inspired his
? writing of “Tommy.“ But I’m
not sure. Does anyone out
there know? Write or call.

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