December 5, 2020

2001-12-29 – The Honolulu Advertiser

2001 12 29 The_Honolulu_Advertiser_Fri__Dec_28__2001_

I “Quadrophmia” (Rhino) and
"lhe Who 8: Special Guests live at
the Royal Albert Hall” (Image) — The
former is Pete Townshend’s magnum
opus about amphetaxnine-fueled,
soooter-pmpelled Mod life in the mid-
’605 given cinematic grit via Franc
Roddam’s underrated 1979 cult film
It features magnetic newcomer Phil
Daniels as J immy Cooper, a compos-
ite character of working—class rebel-
lion drawn from all four personalities
oftheWho, and Sting, inhisfirstact-
ing role, as gang leader Ace.

Rescued from years of practically
unwatchable video prints, the flick
has been lovingly restored. The de-
tailed drabness of the picture now
takes on a life of its own, and the
soundtrack leaps out of the speak-
ers the way all great Who music
should. Better still is Roddam’s re-
vealing commentaxy track and the
overstuffed memorabilia gallery.

slang, adjective used as an inten-
sive"). It’s a nifty trick that deserves
to become a trend. .

As forthe Who’s two-disc hve the
package, well, it doesn’t capture
gang ' peak form — “peaked” IS

are delightful. (Highlights: Paul
Weller on “So Sad About Us” and Ed-
die Vedder on “I’m One.” Lowlight:
Bryan Adams. ‘Nuff said.) .

I “The Smashing Pumplnns
1991-2000 — Greatest Hits Video
Collection” (Virgin) —— Contrary to
popular belief, this lot didn’t make
stunning videos from the get-go, as