October 23, 2020

2002-02-01 – South Florida Sun Sentinel

2002 02 01 South_Florida_Sun_Sentinel_Fri__Feb_1__2002_

Quadrophenia (Rhino.
{24.99) and The Who & Spe-
cual Guests Live at the Royal
Albert Hall (Image, $24.99) ——
The former is Pete Town-
shend’s magnum opus about
I amphetamine-fueled, scooter-
propelled Mod life in the
mid-‘605 given cinematic grit
via Franc Roddam’s underrat-
ed 1979 cult film. It features
magnetic newcomer Phil Dan-
iels as Jimmy Cooper, 3 com—
posite character of working-
class rebellion drawn from all
four personalities of the Who,
and Sting, in his first acting
role, as gang leader Ace.

Rescued from years of prac-
tically unwatchable video
prints, the flick has been lov-
ingly restored. The detailed
drabness of the picture now
takes on a life of its own, and
the soundtrack leaps out of the
Speakers the way all great Who
music should. Better still is
Roddam’s revealing commen-
tary track and the overstuffed
memorabilia gallery.

Best of all, though, are the
subtitles — which are actually
“Pop-Up Video”-style factoids
about everything from the
making of the film to the histo-
ry of British pop culture and
vernacular. (J immy says
“bleeding” and underneath we