December 5, 2020

2002-02-13 – The Noblesville Ledger

2002 02 13 The_Noblesville_Ledger_Wed__Feb_13__2002_

Who tickets set
Verizon record“

ets for the legendary rock
band The Who are the pfici-

' est in the history of Verizon
Wireless Music Center.

Lower-pavilion seats for
the Aug. 25 concert will sell
for $154.50. The band is the
first act to be announced for
the venue’s 14th season.

The 7:30 pm. concert also
has upper pavilion seating at
$79.50 and $30 for lawn

The venue’s first show t9 ;

offer a $100 ticket was the
Olivia NeWton-JOhn and 11m
Bnckman Concert in 1999.

Since then, m 2001, the
Backstreet Boys sold lower
pavilion seats for $124.50.
and Rod Stewan offered the
same seats for $104.50.

The Who features Pete
Townshend, Roger Daltrey .
and John Entwistle.

Tickets go on sale 10 am.
Saturday at the venue and

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