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2002-02-22 – The Indianapolis Star

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By Steve Slosarek
sieve,slosarekmndystar Izom
winter of discontent has (le-
seended upon the Indianapolis
music scene. After basking in
the glut of live shows during
the summer. eoneertgoers
must face the (‘old reality that frigid
months mean fewer acts passing
through town.

There ain't no cure for these win-
tertime blues. but there is a substi-
tute: DVDs.

More. and more. musierelated
n‘deo discs are showing up on the
shelves of retailers. including live eon-
eerts. video compilations. biographies
and more.

A top-flight live DVD is The Who
and Special Guests. Live at the
Royal Albert Hall (image Entertain-
ment. $24.99). With a reputation as
one of the best live rock bands ever.
The Who doesn't disappoint with its
bondon show. The 23 songs rock with
a crisp. clear ferocity. Additional mu-
sicians -— Bryan Adams. Noel Gal-
lagher (Oasis). Eddie Vedder (Pearl
Jam) and others — help give select
songs an added dimension.

But the extras make this double
dise special. in a touching sequence.
lead singer Roger Daltrey stars in a
documentary about the Teenage Can-
cer ’l‘mst. to which this concert was
dedicated. The show raised more than
1 million pounds. A eaneer surgeon is
flanked by two Olympic gold medal-
winning athletes who are cancer sur-
vivors. then other teen-agers join the

Star ratings: “nu excellent, Hm good. an tair, t poor

DVDs bring into homes
memorable moments
of top hands'


stage before the concert.

Other add—ons include multiple an-
gles to Pinball Wizard. a montage of
how the stage is constructed to the
tune of Let's See Action. and back-
stage footage of rehearsals.

The latter is by far the best. giving
viewers a sneak peek at the machina-
tions of artist collaborations. Besides
the group talking about the strategy
of the concert. high-protile guests also
get involved. Vetider seems astonished
that he is allowed to pick out his Who
song (he chooses I'm One); Paul Well-
er (Style Council) takes guitar lessons
from Who member Pete Townshend:
and the had-news Gallagher appears
uninterested and stoic during Won’t
Get Fooled Again. What a surprise.

The DVD is a great primer for The
Who's highly anticipated Aug. 25 con-
cert at Verizon Wireless Music Center
in Noblesville.

Royal Albert Hall is a busy place.
also serving as host to Emerson.
Lake & Palmer: Live at the Royal
Albert Hall (Image Entenainment.
$24.99). This title should not be con-
fused with the 1993 CD. a 70-minute
audio remembrance of the Classical—
mek trio's 1992 reunion tour.

instead. the DVD shows the bom~
hastie showmen during a special 25th
anniversmy concert in 1996. Clocking
at 89 minutes. the disc doesn‘t short~
Change the sweeping epics. unlike the
‘92 tour. when complex. drawn-out
songs were butchered.

One of the most fun rock bands of
the '70s and '805 was Cheap Trick.

File photos

Cover sleeves 01 Cheap Trick: Silver (iett) tor the rock group's new DVD, 3 con-
cert celebrating its 25th anniversary and (right) at the Who and Special Guests.
Live at the Royal Albert Hall. a new DVD at the legendary rock group In concert.

which also celebrated a silver anniver-
sary with a 1999 outdoor concert at
Davis Park in Rockford. 111. The ensu-
ing DVD is titled Cheap Trick: Sil-
ver (image Entertainment. $24.99).

The marathon 130-minute music-
fest includes a few one-liners from
singer Robin lander After Take Me
to the Top. he jests. “And who said
The Doctor was a bad album? Just
every eritie in the United States. hut
what do they know?"

The most powerful song. You're All
Talk. owes a debt to Slash. the Guns
N' Roses guitarist who surprises the
audience with a memorable guest
tum. Later. Billy Corgan (Smashing
Pumpkins) plays guitar on Just Got
Back. and Art Alexakis (Everelear)
chips in on vocals and guitar on Day

Speaking of the late. great Smash-
ing Pumpkins. Virgin Records has re-
leased a visual document of their

dominanee. Greatest Hits: Video
Collection 1991-2001. Besides 18
videos. the disc includes two live per-
formances plus two hours of extras.
The chief bonuses are the “Lost
Tapes“ documentary that chronicles
the saga of material that went missing
from the 1979 video shoot. and the
short film Try.

Rhino Home Video. those purveyors
of the good ol' days. packs a wallop
with its Rock Icons series. The
themed DVDs —- Guitar Gods. Hard
Rockin' and Psychedelic High —
cost $14.99 each.

Guitar Gods is the best of the
bunch. with terrific perfonnanees —
many in black and white -— by Jeff
Beck. the. (iratei'ul Dead. James Gang
(live). a young 15.13. King and The Who
[Happy Jack with lousy acoustics

V but live in front of a mod crowd).

Hard Roekin’ is appreciated for its

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