October 19, 2020

2002-04-05 – The Honolulu Advertiser

2002 04 05 The_Honolulu_Advertiser_Fri__Apr_5__2002_

I Pete Townshend' For two nights
in F ebruaty 2000, not long after his
“Lifehouse Chronicles” premiered on
the BBC, Townshend presented its
musical passages in stunning form at
the small Sadler’s Wells in London, A
few months later he appeared bored
as The Who schlepped across Ameri-
ca Thus the excellent “Music F rom
Lifehouse” (Image) should remind
himwhyit makesmoresensetore-
visit his past in fresh ways.

Here, the new settings he brings to
old standbys (no drums, for starters,
just percussion) seems to invigorate
him— he sings cleanly, even touch-
ingly, and makes the most of placing
his acoustic guitar flourishes against
the beauty of the London Chamber

“Behind Blue Eyes” sounds like it
did on “Scoop,” the electmnics of
“Baba O’Riley" and “Won’t Get
Fooled Again” aren’t overwhelmed
by bombast for a change, and the
meanings behind “Relay" (a vision of
high-speed communication that
presages the Internet) and “Pure and
Easy" (the hearth inside “Lifehouse”)
are greatly amplified.

A low-key must-see for fans.