October 20, 2020

2002-04-11 – The Daily Tribune

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* That was the week that was

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Entertainment highlights
during the week of April 14-

In 1960, Elvis Presley
returned to Hollywood after

his Army duty. He began work

on the film “GI. Blues.”

In 1972, the Electric Light
Orchestra played its first live

In 1974, Pete Townshend
appeared for the first time as
a solo act at a concert in
London, accompanied only by
homemade tapes.

In 1976, Motown Records

announced a $13 million con-
tract renewal for Stevie
‘ Wonder. At the time, it was the
, largest contract ever negotiat-
, ed.
, In 1981, Yes announced its
, breakup. Steve Howe and
‘ Geoff Downes went on to form
Asia. Yes has since staged sev-
eral reunions.

In 1982, Billy Joel was seri-
ously injured in a motorcycle
accident on Long Island, NY.
He spent about a month in the

In 1990, more than 72,000
people gathered at London’s
Wembley Stadium for an anti-

apartheid concert honoring
African National Congress
leader Nelson Mandela. He
recently had been freed from
prison. Performers included
Neil Young, Tracy Chapman.
the Neville Brothers and
Bonnie Raitt.

In 1993, singer Susanna
Hoffs of the Bangles married
director Jay Roach in Los

In 1994, Roseanne Arnold
filed for divorce from Tom
Arnold and accused him of
abusing her. She dropped the
charges, but refiled for divorce
less than a month later.

In 1996, the rest of
Grateful Dead singer Jerry
Garcia’s ashes were scattered
near the Golden Gate Bridge
in San Francisco. A small por-
tion had been scattered in the
Ganges River in India earlier
in the month.

In 1997, actress Brooke
Shields married tennis star
Andre Agassi in Monterey,
Calif. They’ve since separated.
The same day, actor Chris
O’Donnell married kinder-
garten teacher Caroline
Fentress in Washington.