October 25, 2020

2003-01-01 – The Tennessean

2003 01 01 The_Tennessean

Pete Townshend resolves
to finish new Who album


NEW YORK -— Pete
Townshend’s 2003 New
Year’s resolution is to fin-
ish The Who’s first new
studio album since 1982
the guitarist writes on his
official Web site.

“I have never wn'tten
quickly.” he says. “I don’t
know how long it will take.
Expect some new music to
arrive in about a year

maybe later. But if I write mmme
15 good pieces and 10 of Towmhend, mmmmm
themmakeittoanew CD, Who’sfirstnewsmdodmminfiyeas

we will probably find that during 2N3. “099' mm '9“. '3 90W ‘0
only two or three ofthem shamflwwfitingdmoresflstime

will stand comparison on
stage with our old hits. ”

Despite that caveat, Townshend
insists he is looking forward to
working in tandem with vocalist
Roger Daltrey, whose songwn'ting
credits with The Who were nearly
non-existent during the band’s

. “I think it will be worth the time
spent,” Townshend opines. “I am
very keen, too, to see Roger find
some creative outlet on this future
Who recording. He is full of ideas.
passion and energy — he bears
quite a disturbed and serious view
of the world at the moment."

Townshend adds that The Who
is “being courted by Charit3 show
organizers and we are driven
towards supporting our own tamil-
iar charity events. We are also
receiving tempting offers to play
festivals and enjoying the more
honest lure of having such a great
band to call on whenever we feel
like playing.‘

The group 5 latest round of tour-
ing ended in October in North
America, on the heels of founding
bassist Iohn Entwistle’s sudden

“Expect some new
music to arrive in about
a year, maybe later."

- Pete Townshend,
Who guitarist

drug-related death in late lune in
las V egas.

In other Who news. the SI’V
label will in March release a dou-
ble—disc CI) chronicling the band‘s
star—studded 2000 Teenage (Lan-
L‘er Trust benefit show at lnndon’s
Ro3al Albert H 111. The e3ent
which leatured guest spots from
I’earl lams Eddie Vedder Oasis
Noel Gallagher 1nd lam St31L
Council frontman Paul Weller. is
already available on DVD.

The upcoming CD will he nug-
mented by four tracks taken from
the Nho's 2002 concert at Albert
Hall. including the band's own I
Don't Even Know Myself and I'm
Free plus covers of Summertime
Blues and Young Man Blues. I