October 27, 2020

2003-01-12 – The Anniston Star

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The Who’ 8 Pete TownShend says he
studied child porn as research for book

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Guitarist Pete Townshend of
The Who said Saturday he
downloaded. child pornography
from the Internet while
researching an autobiography

discussing his suspected child:

hood sexual abuse,

Townshend, 57, denied being
a pedophile after the Daily Mail
newspaper reported detectives
were investigating an unidenti—

fied British rock star for down-

loading child pornography.
Townshend said in a state-

ment that he informed police of

his activities.

“I have been writing my
childhood autobiography for the
past seven years,” Townshend
said. “I believe I was sexually
abused between the age of five
and six and a half when'in the
care of my maternal grandmoth-
er who was mentally ill at the

“I cannot remember clearly
what'happened, but my creative
work tends to throw up nasty
shadows — particularly in

“Some of the things I have


I have been writing my childhood
autobiography for years. I believe I
was sexually abused when in the
care of my maternal grandmother who
was mentally ill at the time.

seen on the Internet have
informed my book which I hope

will be published later this

Townshend helped form The
Who in London in the early
19605 and wrote most of the
band’s hits. The title character in
Townshend’s 1969 rock opera
Tommy — a deaf, dumb and
blind pinball wizard — is sexu-
ally abused by an uncle.

Townshend said he was
appalled by the growth of
pornographic images of children
on the Internet and “the millions
of dollars being made by
American banks and credit card

—' The Who’s Pete Townshend

»-7-_-____=+. ”.

companies for the pornography

He said he used a credit card 1
on one occasion to download
pornographic images as pan of .

' his research and then reported

what he saw to police.

“I am not a pedophile. I have
never entered chat rooms on the
Internet to converse with chil-
dren. I have, to the contrary,
been shocked, angry and vocal
(especially on my Web site)
about the explosion of adver-
tised pedophiliac images on the

. Internet,” he said.

Police in London said they
could not comment on individ-
ual cases.